Canada in 2060

Created by: Saurav Kishore


Have you ever wondered what Canada would be like in 2060? Well you're in luck because here I'll be talking about Canada's demography and immigration in present time and in the future along with comparisons of the two. I'll also be talking about the First Nations and what the future of the country may hold for them.

Immigration & Demography

Right now, the government is accepting more immigrants into Canada because our birth rate being 10.28, our death rate being 7.87, and our natural increase rate being 2.41 right now due to not many babies being born. Many of these immigrants came from countries like Pakistan, Israel, Poland, Germany, Vietnam, China, and India from the 1880 - present. They left their countries (push factors) because of reasons such as war, communism, terrorism, poverty, financial issues, violence, low playing jobs, and bad healthcare. They decided to come to Canada (pull factors) because we have good, free healthcare, job opportunities, good education, multicultural, good living conditions, and overall safe.

I believe in the year 2060, Canada will be accepting more immigrants than they are right now. The birth rate will stay similar to as it is right now and the death rate will increase due to the baby boomers beginning to die or get close to the age of dying. This will have the natural increase rate around 1.00 - 1.50. We may be able to get immigrants from communist countries such as North Korea or Cuba if they become democratic. Our push and pull factors will stay mostly the same. We may see a decrease in refugees because maybe less wars and persecutions will happen.

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First Nations

The First Nations people have been living life isolated from the rest of Canada since the 1800's. In present time, they are still struggling to connect with the rest of Canada and get rid of the Indian Act. They have had to go through harsh stereotypes like people thinking they still wear feathers in their hair. People like Wab Kinew and Jennifer Podemski are fighting for Native rights so they can all live a better life with all of Canada. The Native population has a high birth rate with a low death rate.

During 2060, I believe the Indian Act will still be around and the First Nations people will still be trying to get rid of it along with fighting for their rights. Natives will slowly begin to bond with the rest of Canada and will start to live along side them. This will at one point get rid of the Indian Act and all of Canada can live together peacefully. The Native's will help Canada's birth rate go up when they'll need more births in 2060.

MY DEFINING MOMENT: Jennifer Podemski

Canadians have portrayed Natives incorrectly.

People like Jennifer Podemski said that the producer of the movie she was acting for was surprised she could even speak English, and some kids made sounds that people could believe to be Native calls. Hearing people say those words had set her mind that she wanted to stop Native stereotypes.


My life in 2060 by sauravk


Canada will need many immigrants to keep coming to Canada. Our death rate will become low in about 40 years so we will need many babies to be born, specifically from the First Nations people. The First Nations people have not been treated the way they deserve to be treated due to the Indian Act. They will continue to fight for their rights to live a better life in Canada and hopefully one day live with the rest of Canada.