Parts of A Cell

By: Mr. Rahul

What is a Cell?

A cell is the basic structural functional unit of all living things. All living things are comprised of cells. There are nervous system cells, muscle cells, blood cells, and many more.There are also many parts of an animal cell such as the nucleus, the cell wall, and the vacuole.

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The three parts that I explained are only some of the major parts of an animal cell, also known as a eucaryotic cell. There are also parts like the lysosome, which also contain enzymes that help with digestion, peroxisome, which help protect the cell from creating toxic hydrogen, and the cytosol, which is basically the liquid in which all other parts of a cell, such as the nucleus and vacuole, float around in.


In conclusion, a cell is a very complex structure that is in all living thins. Each cell has all of the part listed above, and many more! If you breakdown the parts of a cell, you can understand how a cell works and how your body works. So in the end, I hope that you all now understand more of how a cell works.