The Renaissance

February 8 - 16

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Couple of the Year: Greek/Roman Art and Renaissance Art

One of the most important things to remember about the Renaissance is that much of the work is derived from Greek ideals. Idealized proportions and monumental nude sculptures made a comeback, classical themes abounded, and architecture returned to classical orders and symmetry. During the Middle Ages, monasteries had preserved classical texts that circulated during the 1400s as the result of increased trade between territories. Certain popes were also into classical ideas, which made it acceptable for the privileged classes to begin collecting the manuscripts as well.
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Innovations in Art

Give it up for Brunelleschi, who invented linear perspective and made it possible for artists to render their subjects more naturalistically than ever. The figures of Renaissance painting were large and in charge, and they appear solidly grounded in environments that were rendered with incredible accuracy.

The use of a new medium, oil paint, made drying time longer than tempera and gave Renaissance artists a chance to fix any artistic mistakes. Not that they ever made mistakes. Ever. Oil paint also provided richer, deeper colors than were previously possible and gave artists the ability to paint with more intricate detail. That's just swell, isn't it?


Juste de l'eau (2014)

Short Film: Juste de l'eau

The story takes place in Lisbon at the time of the great maritime discoveries. Explorers, looking like pigs, arrive in the harbour after a long voyage across the oceans. Everywhere in the city small groups gather and congratulate each other. Couples meet again after a long separation and hug one another. They organize spontaneous round dances and celebrate their return. Meanwhile, a young pig has the strange feeling of being completely isolated from the others in his own native city...