Demeter's broken heart

By Demeter

On a bright beautiful day on Earth,(thanks to me), my lovely daughter,Persephone, was out with her friends picking flowers and having a great time.but when she didn't come home that night, I became worried. After months and months of searching, I went to Zeus, god of all gods. As I had assumed, she had been kidnapped by hates, God of the underworld.
Zeus sent his messenger, Hermes, to the underworld to get my pride and joy back.When she came back, all I could think about is her down there for so long,and she might have to return forever!!!!

" Persephone, did you eat anything while you were down there?"

"No, I was too tired to eat,all I had was 4 pomegranate seeds."

Zeus says, " How about instead of spending eternity in the underworld, you just spend one month for every seed you ate."

So Every 4 months,when Persephone goes to the underworld, I greave and morn, and don't let anything grow. This is why there is winter