Knight News

Grand Forks Central High School Weekly Communication

Keeping you updated and informed for the week of May 26, 2020

This mini-version of our monthly newsletter - The Knight News - will serve as a weekly communication to GFC families as students work remotely during the 2019-20 school year.

Road Construction: Chromebook & Other Learning Material Update

Scheduled work on N. 5th Street has started earlier than the expected date of June 1. This will have a small impact on student learning material return set for May 26 & 27.

Junior Students

Juniors returning their learning materials to Door #6 will need to pull vehicles up just a bit further north on N. 5th Street than when materials were picked up. Staff will come to your car to assist.

Music Students

Music students returning items to Door #5 (across from the parking ramp on 1st Ave. N.) can still access that area, but must come from the east (N. 4th Street). After returning items, vehicles may have to make a U-turn to avoid construction. A flagger from the construction company will be on hand to assist.

Please see the email sent May 15 ( for all other details related to the return of learning materials, including Chromebooks and their chargers.

GFC Graduation Details

Hopefully, graduating seniors and their families received an email on May 21 with details of Central's graduation ceremony, which will be held on May 31 at 12 noon. A paper copy of this letter should arrive at homes soon - possibly before this communication.

As noted in the letter, seniors and their families are encouraged to check a link to the letter ( for updates.

Some clarification:

1) Though we are limiting each graduate to one passenger vehicle, you can have multiple members of your family in that one vehicle.

2) The area near the stage in front of Central High School on North 4th Street is not open to foot traffic during the ceremony. All guests are required to be in vehicles.

3) Graduates are not required to wear masks. All GFC & GFPS staff members will be in masks.

Senior Awards Night is May 29

This year, we will honor our senior award/scholarship recipients in a virtual manner. We will be releasing the awards presentation on Friday, May 29th, 2020 at 7:00. By using the following link, you will be able to watch a video of the presenter describing the award/scholarship and announcing the award/scholarship recipient. - (Note: there is an underscore between the C and the 2 as well as the 0 and the S in senior).

We want to extend our congratulations to our award/scholarship recipients for the 2019-2020 school year. Students who are receiving an award/scholarship will receive a notification letter in the mail this week.

Quarter 4 Grading

To acknowledge the challenges of distance education during the COVID 19 pandemic, Grand Forks Central and Red River High Schools will be using the following Quarter 4 grading structure:

No student final grades will be below a 63% (F) for any course for Quarter 4.

Students who were engaged in Quarter 4 work, but have failing grades in a class, will receive 64% (D) for Quarter 4.

All students who have passing grades in Quarter 4 will receive an 8% increase to their percentages in each course for Quarter 4. No percentages will exceed 100%.

Please keep in mind that a semester grade is a combination of Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 grades. Students who have a failing grade for the semester, will have to repeat courses that they fail.

NOTE: Dual Credit courses will continue to grade using the scale provided by Lake Region State College. There will be no adjustment to that scale.

Also, this grading structure does not apply to online classes. They must be completed using the original enrollment agreement.

From the counseling office

We have come to the end of the school year. Each person responds to the end of the school year/beginning of summer vacation differently. Be patient with yourself and with others. Keep communication open and ask for help from the many supports you have in your life. Every ½ credit and 1 credit that you have earned count in a big way to get you to 24 total credits to graduate on time, with your class! We are thankful for the students and parents who have worked hard through the entire school year. This week’s Sources of Strength spokes that our school counseling practicum student, Mrs. Johnson, will provide insight about are Medical Access, Mental Health, and Generosity

As we are in the last week of May and move into June, counselors will be continuing work on student schedules for the 2020-2021 school year. If you have a course conflict, meaning all your requested courses didn’t fit into your schedule, you will be contacted by your school counselor to choose what will work best for you. We thank you for your patience through this process. We will contact you if your course requests don’t fit into your schedule. When this process has been completed, a list of your courses will be emailed by our main office. Please remember that this is only a list, not the order that your classes might appear in August at registration.There will be a period of time after course conflicts have been completed that schedule change requests will be offered. The process for this will be shared when your list of courses is emailed.


We’ve made it!! The end of the school year has arrived! I am excited to see each of you at graduation on May 31! You have come a long way and have much to be proud of! I am very proud of each of your accomplishments!

There are still many things to keep track of and do as high school has quickly come to a close and you look forward to what comes next.

In this, , you will find much helpful information. This information includes: 1. A checklist of things to be completing as you move from high school student to high school graduate; 2. Reminder information about applying for the ND Academic or CTE Scholarship if you qualify for it--the deadline to apply is June 5, 2020 (you will not be awarded this if you do not complete the online application for it); 3. Reminder information to complete the FAFSA if you have not yet done so and plan to attend college/university in the fall; and 4. The ND/MN reciprocity application.

Please go to this link then scroll down to the Current Scholarship Listings to find this scholarship and others that are still available. Altru Health System has a new this year scholarship that they are awarding 5 $1000 scholarships in June. Check out the application at the above link.

It's Time For the Activity Fair! Pass it on to Any Incoming Grade 9 Students you know!

Hello Future Knights -Class of 2024!

We want to welcome you to our virtual activities fair and hope that you can find something to become involved in at Grand Forks Central High School! We encourage you to get involved as it enhances your high school experience, helps you to meet new people, allows you to express your talents and interests, and helps to add structured time to your schedule.

Here is a link with many of the clubs/organizations/activities that we offer at Grand Forks Central High School. You will most certainly find one that appeals to you. We challenge you to get involved Activities Fair 2020. (You will be able to view the link on May 20th, 2020)

Summer Meals

The last day for sack lunches provided by Grand Forks Public Schools will be May 28th.

St. Joseph's Social Care and Thrift Store plans to start their Summer Feeding Program June 1st and will run it through August 14th. They will serve at Richards West Park, University Park, Smiley Park, LaGrave Learning Center, Elks Park, Bringewatt Park, Columbia Square and Winterland Park in Grand Forks and Itts Williams Park in East Grand Forks.

Verbs of the 4th Quarter

Increasing the vocabulary of our students is a goal of the staff at GFC. A larger vocabulary leads to greater success in school and beyond. Verbs give us the tools needed to unlock knowledge and communicate that knowledge effectively. We appreciate families supporting this effort!
  • Explain - to make known or understandable; The video explains the proper way to wash your hands.

  • Justify - to prove to be just, right, or reasonable; During the trial, it was hard for Joe to justify his behavior.
  • Claim - to state that something is true; He claims that his treatment of tigers was ethical.

GFC Student-Created Video: Mental Health

Students in Dr. Ryberg's Dual Credit Speech class and Mr. Lennon's video production classes collaborated this year to create many informational videos about policies and procedures at Central. Please follow the link to the video related to mental health information.

Support Numbers

The following support options are available via phone for students who need help/support or would like to communicate the name of someone they are worried about to an adult.


GFPS Counselor Crisis Team

Available: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday thru Friday



Hotline for someone who needs someone to talk to, not limited to suicidal ideation

24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Text-A-Tip to Grand Forks Police Department

Available: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday thru Friday