September 19th Weekly Newsletter

First Grade

Weekly Happenings

Thank you for all of your generous donations for the Shull Walk-A-Thon. The kids had a blast walking around the track today. We raised over $3,000!!! We will be able to purchase lots of Chromebooks and mini-iPads! In our Friday e-mail you will find an attachment with information regarding the Ella Joe Golf Tournament. Make sure you check it out :).

Please note a couple of date changes. Picture day is now scheduled for Sept. 24 and Chipotle Night will be on Sept. 30.


Mrs. Brown:
Monday: MUSIC

Wednesday: PE
Thursday: ART
Friday: MUSIC

Mrs. Kiger:
Monday: ART
Wednesday: MUSIC
Thursday: PE
Friday: ART

Learning Targets

Math: I can add and subtract within 10.

This week we learned to use touch points as an addition and subtraction strategy. We also reviewed the part, part, whole model.

ELA: I can use a variety of comprehension strategies to ask and answer questions about a literary text.

This week we introduced schema. We learned that schema is everything that we know.

ELA: I can write a personal narrative.

This week we continued writing small moment stories. We also learned some strategies for spelling words.

Science: I predict patterns in the day and night sky.

This week we discussed that way the sun seems to "move" through the sky. We also wrote about things we see in the day and night sky.

Behavior: I can be a "now" kid. A "now" kid is a proactive kid. Now kids follow directions the first time, quickly, quietly and exactly.

Sight Words

Sight Words

In first grade, students are required to know 50 sight words by the end of each quarter. We test 6-7 words per week. On Mondays, students will write their weekly sight words in their agendas to practice for the week. We will post the new words on Fridays if you want to get a jump start on sight words over the weekend. The expectation is that students can read the word in 3 seconds without sounding it out.







Dates to Remember

September 24th: Picture day

September 30th: Chipotle teacher night

October 13th: No School

October 28th: Fall Parties