By: Dizni D. and Rosalinda G.


  • Each individual entering the program will work with a team of professionals to design and individual treatment plan geared specifically to their personal goals and objectives.
  • At Rebound they believe in healing a person as a whole when determining the best course of treatment for them - Mind, Body and Spirit

Additional facts

  • Rebound has a variety of techniques that will aid in this process
  • Their approach to treatment is to provide individuals with as many skills as possible so that they are able to cope with daily stressors in a more productive and healthy way
  • Rebound Behavioral Health is an adult private inpatient behavioral health and substance abuse treatment facility
  • The serene setting includes decorative ponds, fragrant pine trees, and shaded pathways
  • People are family to them

Treatment Programs

  • addiction
  • Detox Program
  • drug rehab
  • substance abuse