My Academic Goals

arianna hunt

Welcome to Arianna's bulletin board of 2016 academic Goals.

Skooly - Everything

this is my inspiration song

my first goal is to stay focus during anything and to strive for better things in life. staying focus can lead to better things in life because nothing can distract you from what you want want to proceed to do

my second goal is improvement. improvement is one of my goals because you have to improve on something in life and mine is anything i think i cant succeed in i have to improve make improvement.

my third goal is trying to get into a good school when i graduate and that good school is called Emory university. i did research on this school because it was listed under good schools to study physical therapy.

my fourth goal is having a game plan my game plan is knowing whats my career when i get older.

my fifth goal is having fun when mi walking across the stage 2018.

Motivational Speech ~How Bad Do you Want it?