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August 20, 2020


The CLUE Bulletin is the official newsletter for CLUE parents and community partners. Once a month, newsletter recipients will receive important news and updates and learn more about the departmental activities and events.

Parents and partners may view current CLUE information any time on our website at:

Updated Information for Fall 2020

Have questions about CLUE Services for the fall term?

We have answers! All of our plans and updates will be posted on our parent page ( We will now be using Microsoft Teams to provide services to students. Services will be provided by SCS CLUE teachers using a hybrid model of synchronous/asynchronous learning anchored in our CLUE curriculum and topics of study.

If you have specific questions about your child's situation, we are providing several options for assistance.

  • Parents and partners may call us at 901-606-2415 during normal business hours.
  • Parents and partners may also text questions to this number and receive timely responses during normal business hours.
  • Everyone is welcome to email us any time at:

*Note About PreK CLUE: At this time, the state of TN is not allowing face-to-face testing, which is required for obtaining a gifted IEP. Therefore, until further notice, we are not offering PreK CLUE services or testing. When this status changes, we will communicate the updates to all families.

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Saturday, Aug. 22nd, 10am-12pm

This is an online event.

SCS Family Forums provide an opportunity for all parents to gather, learn and share important information to support student learning and success in school. Our next Family Forum will focus on strategies and resources for students who receive support through special education, CLUE, 504 and English Language Learners.

For more information including links to the sessions, visit the SCS Family Forum webpage at:

Big picture

Assigned Summer Reading for CLUE Students Entering Grades 6-9

Academic achievement is paramount for students in the CLUE Program. Students work diligently to make gains during the school year, and our goal is to minimize the loss of learning during the summer months. According to a study by professors at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, students who read books for summer reading at home demonstrated a significantly higher level of reading achievement. Furthermore, the study concluded that students who do not read in the summer can [over time] fall a year behind students who do (Allington, McGill-Frazen, 2010). To keep learning in a forward motion, we are continuing our summer reading program for all of our CLUE students who are entering grades six through nine.

All students will read the required book listed below, and this reading should be finished before students return to school on August 31, 2020. CLUE English teachers will use information from the book in class during the first couple of weeks of school and may give comprehension assessments on the materials. Students should be prepared to bring a copy of the book with them to class during this time.

The CLUE Summer Reading Portal has been created to provide instructional support to students who are reading independently over the summer months. The portal includes background information, videos, and graphics organizers to help students comprehend the text at a deeper level. Most of our books are also provided in a FREE digital format on our CLUE901 webapage at:

CLUE901 Parent Blog

Stay up-to-date with important announcements posted on our CLUE901 Parent Blog!

Teacher Spotlight: Carol Simpson

This month we recognize Carol Simpson for her contributions to the CLUE Program. Carol is a native Memphian, graduating from Christian Brothers University (CBU) in 1989, and returning to CBU after a successful career in non-profit communications and fundraising to earn her Masters of Arts in Teaching degree in Special Education in 2013, when she was awarded the Kenneth W. Mathis Award for Outstanding Education Graduate.

As a gifted individual and mother of two gifted young adults, Carol has always had a special interest in the unique characteristics and needs of gifted learners, particularly twice-exceptional learners. Carol joined the CLUE team in 2014, after teaching 8th grade math courses at White Station Middle School where one of the seasoned CLUE teachers remarked that she should be teaching CLUE. As a flexible and creative itinerant teacher, Carol taught all grades 6-9 CLUE at various schools (Germantown Middle, Dexter Middle, Whitehaven High) and has taught 9th grade CLUE at Middle College High School for three years.

Additionally, Carol has used her professional writing skills to write curriculum for middle/high CLUE, including virtual courses used for the 2020 CLUE Camp. After school, Carol is an adjunct instructor for CBU, writing and teaching the two graduate-level courses available to licensed teachers wishing to meet the state certification requirements to teach gifted students in Tennessee.

The CLUE Team is proud of Carol Simpson and thankful for all that she does to support our teachers and our CLUE students.

About Us

The mission of our gifted and academically talented program is to provide a nurturing, accepting environment where the unique intellectual, creative, social, and emotional needs of gifted and talented students are fulfilled.