CR West News & Notes ~ Week 8

To Know God and Make Him Known

When You're at an Impasse

How many times have we found ourselves in situations where there seems to be no way of escape, no easy answer, no clear direction? If you're like me, you struggle during these times because we are moms. We fix things, we make things, we take care of everything. Not understanding how to proceed or feeling helpless can be especially challenging for us. David found himself here many times, and he began to despair. Psalm 77 tells how David comforted himself during hard times by recalling God's faithfulness to him in the past. At first David laments that God seems to have forgotten him. David needs the Lord, and yet he is too distressed even to pray. He thinks the Lord has turned His hand against him (Ps 77 vs 4, 10). But then, in verse 11 David chooses to recall all the Lord has done. He remembers His deeds of long ago and praises God's faithfulness and awesome power (14). In the moment, in the flesh, in his present circumstances David couldn't find a reason to praise God. So instead he chose to meditate on who God is and what he has done in the past. David realizes that if God has shown up in the past with mighty miracles, he can show up again in the present! In fact, when David recalls God parting the Red Sea he mentions that God made a pathway no one even knew was there (19). Isn't that just like the God we serve, making a path through our circumstances that no one could have even imagined would be there, least of all us?! We are so limited by our finite minds and the ways we try to think ourselves through the impasses of life. All the while God is preparing a way where there seems to be no way, dry ground in the midst of a stormy sea, so that His glory may be shown in us and our circumstances. Friends, we can trust Him and praise Him just as David did!

Rounding Out the Year

Please keep these dates in mind as we enter the final four weeks leading up to Christmas.....

November 9th = Bless our Facility Day (weather permitting) Please bring rakes so that the kids can rake the pine needles around the picnic tables. We will do this during our science time.

November 16th = Excellence in Education Day. We will host church staff from 9am - 10am. They will visit us at opening and during new grammar.

November 17th = Mom's Night Out at a CR Restaurant, details TBA


November 30 = Week 11

December 2 or 3 (TBA) = MNO and Holiday Shopping at 31:20 Boutique

December 7 = Final Week before break ~ Christmas Party and Gift Exchange at lunch for both moms and kids

Worthy Website

Help for Latin! Colleen and I recently discovered this website, created and maintained by a homeschool mom. Its goal is to help moms navigate Henle Latin, which is the program used in the Challenge years. If you have an older child preparing for Challenge or a current Challenge student you may wish to check out the sample videos on this site. If your kids are younger just tuck it away until later. It does cost $15 to join, but you get unlimited access to the videos for life.

Preparing for Next Week

Family Presentation = Schween Family

Playground Duty = Chrisi & Devon

Speech Topic = Check with your tutor, as some students still need to finish How-To speeches