North vs. South

By: Macy I Period 7

Come live in the South!

Come live in the South were we have long hot summers and mild winters. Here we also have rivers for trading out supply such as cotton and tobacco. There is 10,000 miles of railroad in the South also used for trade. Cotton is sold but has little value. Most people who live here own farm land but cant afford it, and most families worked on their farms to sell cash crops. You wouldn't want to live where there's diseases and where hogs run around would you? In the North diseases spread rapidly, people are poor and have no power. The North has freezing winters, and the weather wasn't good enough to permit farming. I am an upper class women and I would recommend you come live in the South, because it is a better environment and society.
Railroads were used in the North and South for trading of crops and transportation.
Pigs ran around freely and ate scraps also know as trash.