Best of the Nest - April Newsletter

Best of the Nest - Team Reardon April 2016 Team Recognition

Are you ready to LIVE SPARKLY?

Origami Owl’s National Convention, The O2 Experience, is landing in Orlando on August 4-6, 2016, bringing thousands of Designers from across the country together.

This special event is all about making connections, telling your story, growing your business and discovering the balance we all seek in our lives. The weekend will include training, BIG announcements, product previews, inspiration and so much more! Whether you are a Team Leader or a brand-new Designer, this event will change how you approach your Origami Owl business. Register HERE

If you are attending, please make sure to fill out this form, so I can get a headcount! Click HERE

Welcome to the Team!

Arianna Browning - FL

DeAnna Kuhn - DE

Diana Dearman - FL

Jessica Massee - PA

Linda Hart Loredo - WY

Melissa Ortiz - DE

Morgan Baker - TX

Rachel Gattis - CO

Sasha Drummond - DE

Veronica Rosario - FL

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April StoryBuilders

Congratulations to these StoryBuilders, who achieved $250 PV or more in the month of April!

Alice Zuccarini

Amanda House

Amanda Mantaporn

Amber Hill

Amy Jackson

Ana Caminero

Angela Dixon

Angela Hubbard

Angelina Carter

Angi Farris

Anna Trapani

Belinda Marek

Beth Chatterton

Bethany Cole

Brandy LaRue

Brian Nicolas

Carissa Simpson

Carmen Acevedo

Carmen Doheny

Chastity Gentry

Cherie White

Christy Rogers

Cynthia Rivera

Damaris Diaz

Danielle Carpenter

Dawn Cabrera

DeAnna Kuhn

Deanne Aubuchon

Debbie Rummel

Debra Cliburn

Diane Taylor

Elaine Lopez

Elizabeth Medrano

Elizabeth Abularach

Erin Beaudette

Gabrielle Megias

Gabrielle Hauser

Helene Sohn

Janelle Pena

Jennifer Reardon

Jennifer Evans

Jennifer Bonhomme

Jennifer Howell

Jessica Kaiser

Jessica Zabel

Jill Steele

Julie Moyer

Kali Evans

Karen & William Travis Kesler

Kari Schamberger

Kathleen Walker

Kathy Hess

Kathy Rodriguez

Kelsy Rockwell

Kim Krum

Kristin Woods

Kristina Cotton

Kristine Marshall

Kristy Diamond

Lauren Hitch

Laurie Dean

Linda Truemper

Lisa Sullivan

Lori Montel

Lynn Dickerson

Madeline Soto

Mari Lau

Marie Walker

Marsha Geib

Martha Zayas-Martinez

Mayra Gonzalez

Mechelle Grossman

Megan Dozier

Melanie & David Teague

Melanie Megias

Melissa Christensen

Mikki Stooksbury

Mitzi Johnson

Morgan Baker

Natalie Conley

Oma Gilmore

Patricia Bell

Rachel Salajka

Rachel Gattis

Rebekah Aldridge

Rosalva Viramontez-Ramirez

Rosemarie Bagnall

Ruthanna Wickham

Sarah Sacco

Sarah Powers

Sheila Buie

Sherren Tripp

Shilene James

Sonia Vidal

Stacy Smith

Susan Yergo

Tamera Court

Teri & Tiana Pokorny

Tina & Mike Nicolai

Veronica Ferro

Veronica Rosa

Veronica Rosario

Vickie Goertz

Wendy & Eric Durham

Top in Personal Sales

1. Kari Schamberger $2,939.20

2. Brian Nicolas $2,757.10

3. Amy Jackson $2,502.20

4. Christy Rogers $1,806.20

5.Natalie Conley $1,595.70

6. Lauren Hitch $1,435.30

7. Angelina Carter $1,335.40

8. Melanie & David Teague $1,162.40

9. Kelsy Rockwell $1,099.60

10. Danielle Carpenter $1,085.10

Top In Sales by Rank - Designer

1. Brian Nicolas $2.757.10

2. Christy Rogers $1,806.20

3. Lauren Hitch $1,435.30

4. Morgan Baker $869.50

5. Amanda Mantaporn $827.90

6. Carissa Simpson $822.10

7. Sarah Powers $691.00

8. Sheila Buie $676.50

9. Rachel Salajka $641.50

10. Martha Zayas-Martinez $611.60

Top in Sales by Rank - Leading Designer

1. Kelsy Rockwell $1,099.60

2. Danielle Carpenter $1,085.10

3. Veronica Rosa $793.90

4. Mikki Stooksbury $719.90

5. Amber Hill $700.00

6. Elaine Lopez $543.00

7. Veronica Ferro $471.50

8. Cynthia Rivera $449.60

9. Kali Evans $421.60

10. Lori Montel $412.00

Top Sales by Rank - Team Leader

1. Kari Schamberger $2.939.20

2. Melanie & David Teague $1,162.40

3. Bethany Cole $854.50

4. Debra Cliburn $631.40

5. Cherie White $628.90

6. Kathy Hess $612.80

7. Jessica Kaiser $510.90

8. Lisa Sullivan $372.10

9. Laurie Dean $345.60

10. Karen & William Travis Kesler $322.40

Top Sales by Rank - Senior Team Leader

1. Amy Jackson $2.502.20

2. Natalie Conley $1,595.70

3. Angelina Carter $1,335.40

4. Janelle Pena $808.10

5. Vickie Goertz $793.90

6. Melissa Christensen $677.30

7. Rosalva Viramontez-Ramirez $543.60

8. Anna Trapani $504.80

9. Mitzi Johnson $502.00

10. Damaris Diaz $256.60

Top Sales by Rank - Executive Team Leader

1. Tina & Mike Nicolai $502.6

2. Dawn Cabrera $451.2

3. Wendy & Eric Durham $266

Sponsoring! Way to Share the O2 Love!

Bethany Cole 2 New Designers

Amy Jackson 1 New Designer

Natalie Conley 1 New Designer

Danielle Carpenter 1 New Designer

Debbie Rummel 1 New Designer

DeAnna Kuhn 1 New Designer

Veronica Rosa 1 New Designer

Shilene James 1 New Designer

Hollie Caines 1 New Designer


Congratulations to the following designers who promoted in the month of April!

Debbie Rummel -Leading Designer

Jennifer Howell -Leading Designer

Veronica Rosa -Team Leader


These designers earned 5 or more points in April! Way to rock your business!

* Number Beside Their Name Indicates Number of Months Achieved in 2016

Natalie Conley- 4

Amy Jackson- 4

Melissa Christensen- 4

Kari Schamberger- 4

Angelina Carter- 2

Vickie Goertz- 2

Brian Nicolas- 2

Bethany Cole- 1

Debra Cliburn- 1

Cherie White- 1

Danielle Carpenter- 1

Jennifer Howell- 1