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South Central Jr-Sr High School Weekly Update 1/15/16

This Week in PLCs

This week, we will continue working on the Midterm SLO Progress Analysis process that we started last week. We are working through this process as data teams, using the data we've gathered from final exams along with the proficiency grouping we established at the beginning of the year to guide and inform our instruction in the 2nd semester. Remember that the goal of this process is both to provide you information on your progress toward your SLOs and SGOs, and also to help you to identify which of your students are struggling and need individual or differentiated plans to support them in their learning.

Last week, you should have filled out the first page of the Midterm SLO Progress Analysis document. This week, you are going to complete the chart in Step 2 by looking over your final exam data and identifying the skills, concepts, and content that your students have mastered, and those that they still need to master. You may want to also indicate specific content standards in each category to help you better plan future instruction.

After each team member has individually filled in your charts, take the rest of the time that remains to discuss patterns or commonalities that can be identified from your data. Even though the data and assessments are individual, the concept of the data team is to discuss trends and support one another as you look at strengths and weaknesses and make plans to enhance your instruction.

Teachers in math and English who now have NWEA data to review may use this data in the process as well.

January Faculty Meeting

Due to the Technology Committee visit to East Noble on Tuesday, this month's faculty meeting will be moved to Tuesday, January 26. Don't forget to submit your Positive Phone Call challenge to me (now due by Friday, January 22) to be entered in a drawing for a $20 Amazon gift card!

Announcements are on TV!!!

Video announcements are finally up and running. Announcements are produced by Mr. Bailey's Intro to Communications class during 2nd hour. Teachers should show announcements during SST (or during 4th hour on Wednesdays). To play announcements, turn your SmartBoard to the video function, and they will play from channel 16 through your DVD player. If you can't play them for any reason, please send an email to aaatechrepairs!

This Week's Commitee Meetings

This week, the following committees are meeting:

  • Technology Committee East Noble Visit, Tuesday

If you have concerns that should be discussed through these committees, please seek out one of the committee members and share it with them so that they can bring it up at the meeting!

Visiting Teacher

We are excited to announce that we are welcoming a visiting teacher from Uruguay February 6-19!!! Alejandro Negro is a chemistry teacher and administrator from Montevideo who will be spending some time at SC throughout the two week period that he is in the United States. Sr. Negro is interested in observing the American education system as well as sharing information about his country with our students. You will likely see him around during that time, and he may pop in to your classroom just to check things out. Thank you in advance for welcoming him and enhancing his experience here!

Building Project Update

Progress is moving along nicely on both the pool/gym area and the elementary office area! Over Christmas break, construction began in the elementary office. The crew is pretty much on schedule with the work, and they have already framed the new walls. Work on that side should be completed mid-February, at which point work on the high school side will begin.

In the old pool area, masonry is just about completed and walls are being set. The locker rooms, band, and choir rooms are basically all laid out and work is continuing to progress as scheduled. The gym/band/choir area is scheduled to be complete in the first week of March. Once this area is complete, Band and Choir will move classrooms, Mrs. Barnes and Mrs. Bules will move into the old band and choir rooms, and science teachers will move in to H14 and H23. At this point, prepare for these moves to happen between February 29 and March 4.

The new training room in the boys locker room area is nearing completion. Walls have been painted and flooring is being installed this week. This area should be finished by the end of the month!

Something to Make you SMILE!!! :)

Emma Walter got engaged to her boyfriend Steve a few weeks ago! Congratulations, Emma and Steve!!!

Have A Suggestion?

Do you ever come up with an idea, but you're not sure if it's any good? Have you had an idea about a way something could be improved, but you're not sure how to suggest it? I have created an online ANONYMOUS suggestion box for anyone to use to make a suggestion, offer an idea, or voice a concern.

Use this link to submit your idea:

Please note that all suggestions will be read and considered, but circumstances may prevent implementation of some ideas.