MCHS Newsletter

February , 2022


We are proud of the following students who achieved Honor Roll and High Honor Roll for the first semester. Keep up the great work!

Freshman High Honor Roll

Gaia Barnhurst, Kayla Bauman, Josephine Christiansen, Lydia Cieslak, Julia Cieslak,

Nikole Czepczynski, Sara Czepczynski, Wiatt Gelly, Gabrielle Gieseke, Madelyn Gieseke, Brooke Glander, Morgan Grindle, Rainer Halbmaier, Alixandra Hartmann, Colin Heinz, Pablo Herrera, Kylee Jensen, Owen Kacprowicz, Jacob Kagan, Daniel Kazmer, Quinn Lechner, Wayne Leiseberg, Ryan McKee, Carly Musschoot, Jillyan Ortega, Hunter Pankow, Emilie Polizzi, Aidan Pollnow, Alyssa Pollnow, Brock Riebock, Ian Sackis, Addison Sanchez, Lawson Schmidt, Autumn Shacklee, Ryan Shaver, Kaylee Sierpien, Sydnee Slavin, Devin Storti, Vivian Szostak, Madalyn Tjaden, Kayla Torres, Rochelle Tremmel, Samantha Tuohey, Huberto Villagran, Joyce Watters, Justin Zarate, and Helenna Zont

Freshman Honor Roll

Alten Bergbreiter, Jacob Bergbreiter, Carter Campbell, Grace Criss, Theo Davis, Sedona DeRose, Sean Ettner, Mia Feidt, Dolton Fredrickson, Michael Gonzalez Montillo, Randy Griffin, Evan Halfacre, Morgan Hasa, Jasmine Hazlerig, Mikayla Heldt, Marc Janjic Lopes, Paige Johnson, Fernanda Lopez, Efrain Magallanes, Fatima Pina, Mackenzie Plaza, Brooke Pribyl, Allison Raether, Cole Rutkowski, Lincoln Schulman, Taylor Schumann, Tanner Simons, Ashley Spilotro, Amelia Splinter, Amirah Timoumi, Warren Tynis, Joey Vroman, and Daymein Wancket

Sophomore High Honor Roll

Elizabeth Adams, Sydney Andrews, Grant Aubry, Leo Bankel, Rune Boyd, Miya Castillo, Morgan Cetera, Mahala Englehart, Alejandro Gerardo, Amanda Harris, Ava Kanaly, Christopher Kunzer, Anna Kunzer, Mia Kuzelka, Cadence Leucht, Dylan Locke, Jenny Loyo, Madalyn Mardock, Paola Montes, Jhonatan Morejon Cortez, David Munoz, Hir Patel, Marcus Ray, Caden Sauder, Savannah Scholfield, Eldarion Sobusiak, Cody Stallings, Carson Van Winkle, Noe Villasano, Tess Volkers, Emily White, and Marissa Young

Sophomore Honor Roll

Isaac Anthony, Alitza Bolanos, Cory Castaneda, Samantha Conroy, Alexandra Conroy, Lilly Drolen, Niko Enriquez, Isabella Frohling, Bruno Garcia, Amanda Griffin, Trever Harp, Alana Hartel, Drew Johnson, Anastacia Kalter, Emily Kirchhoff, Emma Leucht, Ryker Markus, Erika Montes Xelhua, Athan Poggas, Kevin Ponce, Hannah Retzlaff, Alondra Saldana Padilla, Zoey Vallee, Keatyn Velasquez, and Adam Wigman

Junior High Honor Roll

Gianna Almeida, Michaela Almeida, Meredith Angelo, Wyatt Bergbreiter, Jason Bloom, Alexandra Brackmann, Jordan Brogdon, Trevor Bruski, Wesley Cederlund, Madeline Christopher, Leeanna Crowe, Ella Davis, Elizabeth Dominguez, Grace Durkin,

Jessica Elqunni, Richmond Fredrickson, Hayden Gieseke, Chloe Gochis, Lily Goode,

Noelle Haas, Carter Heimsoth, Jose Herrera Herrera, Addie Johnson, Nathan Kagan,

Sydney Koplin, Joseph Leibrandt, Zanfina Ljumani, Mia Lulinski, Jessica Minogue,

Devin Moehrlin, Tzitlali Montes, Kyle Northcutt, Aspen Rado, Valeria Rivera, Christopher Ruiz, Patrick Signore, Kalee Skow, Hunter Smith, Jonathan Snelgrove, Omar Timoumi, Amanda Trotz, Wendy Villalpando Gomez, Camden Weirich, Cheyenne Welker, Zoe Whetham, and Grace Wzientek

Junior Honor Roll

Josie Buddenbaum, Aubrie Ettner, Nathan Evans, Almea Giovannini, Bianai Gonzalez Prado, Royal Hazlerig, Joshua Holst, Fynn Huart, Hayden Johnson, Luke Kacprowicz, Mallory Lesher, Juan Lopez, Kailey Mazur, Micah Meade, Logan Miller, Samantha Murray, Drew Palanos, Emily Pedroza, Vanessa Perez, Araceli Popoca Leuth, Chloee Reichenbach, Reese Samuelson, Ryan Seemann, Eduardo Solis, Allisha Spiegel Merrigan, Ethan Struck, and Sebastian Villasenor

Senior High Honor Roll

Karli Adamson, Michael Ashbaugh, Preston Bailey, Ambria Baker, Evan Barkman,

Sarah Bohlander, Alexendra Botzoc, Nicolas Butty, Sarah Cederlund, Bethany Christiansen, Nathanael Cieslak, Ryan Clark, Akif Ekerbicer, Alexis Elqunni, Jacqueline Euker, Avery Fashingbauer, Alexandra Fernandez, Nicole Fitch, Julissa Gonzalez Montillo, Natuayle Grays, Kyle Gundelach, Anastasia Guzman, Nora Harris-Balmes, Evan Hartmann, Jack Heinberg, Courtney Jasinski, Summer Kunzer, Jacelynn Lambert, Crystal Lopez, Isabela Magallanes, Nicholas Martin, Elizabeth Martin, Taylor McGibbon, Kathryn Meinecke, Kylie Miller, Samuel Montgomery, Jordan Morosi, Madeline Morse, Haleigh Moye, Cameron Palmer, Diya Patel, Andrea Perez, Hailey Perez, Jesse Perez, Grace Phillips, Mary Reed, John Riedl, Kennedy Salazar, Isabella Sanchez, Nicholas Sanchez, Colton Sauder, Andrew Schermerhorn, Audrey Schubert, Alexis Schultheis, Ty Sierpien, Isabella Simonini, Lauren Snelgrove, Nikiyasha Sobusiak, Andrew Sofie, Bryden Steele, Dylan Stolz, Callahan Struck, Nicholas Tomasi, Ryan Tuohey, Matthew Volkening, Kaitlin Walker, Elizabeth Webster, Cody Welker, and Juan Zarate Mendoza

Senior Honor Roll

Brock Adamson, Collin Aubry, Allison Cassan, Collin Cassin, Kyle Clavey, Morgan Coffman, Bryanna Corral, Samantha DiMaria, Ruby Escorza, Ryan Gundelach, Linnea Hadlock, Keely Heuser, Zachary Koteles, Owen Lohff, Mario Lopez, Michael Macias, Ashtyn Martin, Joseph Miceli, Riley Pankow, Melissa Rodarte, Jack Schirmer, Chase Stavroplos, Ayden Szymczak, Benjamin Toby, and Morgan Tower


We want to give a big “Thank You” to the Knights of Columbus for continuing to do the annual Tootsie Roll Drive, which raises money for students with intellectual disabilities. Julie Amendt accepted $1,589.00 from the Knights of Columbus on behalf of the MCHS Special Education Department.


Prom is scheduled for April 30, 2022. Please remember there are academic and behavioral expectations associated with attending all high school dances. Students must:

  • Be passing at least 5 classes
  • Have no more than 2 days of ISS per semester
  • Have no more than one SCAP per semester
  • Have no days of OSS

This eligibility criteria regarding the 2022 Prom was reviewed with students in January. It is recommended you delay purchasing dress attire and tickets until we confirm our ability to hold Prom. Our Prom will be held at the Chateau Ritz in Niles, Illinois, which was reserved in 2019. Please be aware that the Cook County Department of Public Health has implemented vaccination requirements for admittance into their establishments. The Village of Niles issued a statement saying they’re not requiring businesses to enforce the vaccine mandate, however we must follow the Cook County Department of Health Guidelines.

At this time, the Cook County Department of Public Health states individuals 18 years and younger who are participating in a school activity are exempt from the requirement; however, this may change at any time. Students who turn 19 years of age and/or guests who turn 19 prior to prom must be fully vaccinated with a booster in order to attend Prom. Students age 5-17 are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after their primary series; individuals age 18 or older who have received all vaccine doses including boosters are considered fully vaccinated. Please be aware that if the school exemption is removed from the Cook County vaccine requirements, students who are not fully vaccinated will be excluded from attending Prom.


After defeating South Beloit 220-110 in the first round of the Bergstrom Stateline Quiz Bowl, the MCHS Scholastic Bowl competed in the Sweet 16 round against Pearl City on Saturday, January 22nd at Rockford's Nordlof Center. Watch the match on February 12th and 13th on Rockford television channel 17 (WTVO-ABC) / 39 (WQRF-FOX) to find out if MCHS advances to the Elite 8.

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Class of 2026 Freshman Orientation Night

Where: MCHS Auditorium

Who: Class of 2026 and their parents/guardians

Please attend the Freshman Orientation Night as MCHS faculty welcome the Class of 2026 to high school. Students will receive an orientation packet with all material required to turn in for enrollment in District 154. The packet will also include class registration material and placement test results. Please plan on attending this very informative event and meet some teachers, counselors, and administration members.

Class updates:

Freshmen and Sophomores: Explore Summer Opportunities. Look for a great summer experience— job, internship, or volunteer position. Check with your counselor and search online for summer learning programs. The guidance web page has several summer opportunities.

Juniors: Continue to prepare to take the SAT in April. Utilize your Khan Academy account.

Seniors: Apply today for scholarships! An updated list is on the MCHS guidance web page, and sent to the Class of 2022 Remind text group. Area scholarships include: FFA Alumni, Women of McHenry County, Future Educators, Marengo Woman’s Club, and John Swanson.

FAFSA- Daina Sauls is our ISAC rep who is available to help with college applications, FAFSA completion, and searching for scholarships. You may reach out to her at or 815-354-0733. You can also reach out to your school counselor for help! Class of 2022, you must fill out the FAFSA form or the Opt Out Form as a state requirement to graduate in May. Opt Out Forms should be turned in to your School Counselor.


Dental Examination Requirement

Current 9th grade students are required to provide proof of a dental examination performed by a licensed dentist by May 15, 2022. If you have not already submitted this, please provide the required documentation to our school nurse. School dental examinations must have been completed within the 18 months prior to May 15. Click here for a Dental Examination Form.

Meningococcal Vaccine Required

The Meningococcal vaccine is required for students entering 12th grade. The Illinois Department of Public Health is requiring that all student entering 12th grade show proof of two doses of meningococcal vaccine unless the first dose was administered after 16 years of age. In this case, only one dose is required.

Asthma Action Plan

New policy was enacted in 2017 that states we must request an asthma action plan from parents of student who have asthma. This form must be completed by a physician and returned to the school nurse.


The Spring Sports Virtual Parent Meeting will be Monday, February 7th, starting at 6:30. Links to the meetings will be made public on the school website, 8to18, and Facebook soon.

Parents of Senior Athletes: Mark your calendars. Senior Honors Night will be Wednesday, May 4th, at 7:00 pm at Marengo High School. More information will be communicated after Spring Break.


Marengo's Cheer team placed 3rd at the Winter Cheer Classic on January 8th at Belvidere High School.

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Marengo Boys Bowling completed their season last week by finishing as Conference Champions for the KRC! We finished with a 5-1 record in conference and 8-7 overall. Justin Fluger led Marengo this year with a game high 275 and an overall average of 202. Collin Cassin put up an overall average of 187, and Freshman Hunter Pankow finished with a 174 overall average. We completed our season with a seventh place finish at the IHSA Regional hosted by Vernon Hills.

Below is our varsity team (From left to right), Sam Leidig, Collin Cassin, Hunter Pankow, Justin Fluger, Jacob Roland, and Lucas Frohling.

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If you are interested in playing baseball this Spring, below is the link for the apparel store. This year Varsity will have home knicker white pants and away knicker graphite pants. It is the Varsity player's responsibility to purchase both; if you were on Varsity last year and still have the white, then you only need the graphite. Varsity players will receive stirrup socks. Frosh players are required to wear white pants, maroon belt, and maroon socks (if you wear your pants high). There is a bundle you may purchase, or you can purchase separately. The store closes on February 7th and will not re-open. If you have any questions about what to purchase please email me at

Link to the store is here