Room 99

News from Mrs. Dahle's 5th Grade Homeroom

The Two Weeks of School

We have had a busy start to middle school. Everyone has been mastering the use of their lockers, practicing their busy schedules, working on getting to class on time, and working hard on all the learning that is taking place!

Some things to be aware of:

*Students need to have 2 spelling tasks done in their Spelling spirals by Friday every week.

*There is a Geography quiz every Friday.

*There is a Spelling test every Monday.

*Students should be reading in their free reading book daily and recording their page number every evening.

*Planner points are given every Friday for the previous 5 days (1 point per day). That grade goes on their Social Studies grade.

Writer's Workshop

Narrative Writing

We are working on ways to find stories that are part of our lives. We have used a treasure map, an authority list, a pile story, and an hour glass as strategies for writer's to find their stories.