Avalon Highschool

Creating The Art of The Future

Mission and Vision of Avalon Panthers

Mission: Our mission is to challenge our students to incorporate life obstacles to bring to attention to all people and propose solutions through the diffusion of arts in order to ensure the success of our future.

Vision: The final vision that we see for our students is to create new generations of well educated entertainers and high performing artists for the future. Also, to enhance the way we express emotions and real life experiences into fine arts.

Located by the Beach

Avalon High is located on the beautiful coast of South Korea, meeting the Yellow Sea in the province of Gyeonggi-Do.


We are in session Monday through Friday from August to May. Our school day starts at 7:30 am and ends at 3:30 pm., although we have after school programs and weekend classes. We have block scheduling which means classes are two hours long and we teach year long classes in one semester.

7:30-8:00 : morning announcements and "free time"

8:00-10:00: First block

10:00-12:00: Second block (usually the art you are majoring in) & lunch at noon

1:00-2:00: Third Block

2:00-3:30: Fourth block (which must be an elective class)


Academic Classes

Math Classes:

1st Year: Pre-AP Geometry

2nd Year: Accelerated Algebra 2

3rd Year: Accelerated Pre-Calc

4th Year: AP Calculus

Science Classes:

1st Year: Pre-AP Biology

2nd Year: Pre-AP Chemistry

3rd Year: Gifted Biology

4th Year: AP Physics

Language Arts Classes:

1st Year: Accelerated Literature

2nd Year: Accelerated World Literature

3rd Year: AP World Literature

4th Year: AP Language Composition

Social Studies:

1st Year: Accelerated World Geography

2nd Year: Gifted Korean History or Gifted US history

3rd Year: AP Economics

4th Year: AP Government

Other Classes






Avalon Black Panthers

The panther is a confident, fearless explorer, testing its skills in the jungle. They are a rare, strong and intelligent animal in symbolism to expectations within students at Avalon High.