Blackfish Documentary



In the movie Blackfish, Gabriela Cowpertwaite is successful on showing the emotion and effect the whales had on the trainers by using images and videos to show the bond the trainer and the whale had.

Example 1

In the documentary when the former trainer talk about tilkum and how he was treated you will see hoe emotional they got and some even cried because the whales was like there friend or even like a pet.

example 2

in the pictures below you will see how much time the trainers put in with the whales so they can get attached to them so they can do good at the shows.

Example 3

in the documentary you will not only see that the whales has a bond with the trainers the trainers have bonds with the other trainers and they become a family and you can see that when Dawn died and some of the trainers where very emotional.


I picked these examples because there was a lot of emotion in this documentary from beginning to end, this documentary showed what a relationship is like between a animal and a person.