Suck it Up

by Brian Meehl

New Book For A New Generation!

This book was published not that long ago in 2008. Suck it Up can relate to the fairly new generation of readers. It is a fantasy and very humorous for  ALL readers to enjoy.


Takes place in different parts of New York.

Specific places are named throughout the novel.

Ex: Williamsburg Bridge and reflects on Twin Towers berfore the 9/11 attacks.

Do you like vampires?

What about love?

The two main characters,Morning and Portia are in love with each other and prove that they will do anything to stay together.


Very similar to the Twilight series. It has love, action and fighting, and vampires.

Everybody loves twilight. Everybody will love this book.

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It is about a wimpy teenager named Morning McCobb. He isn't just an ordinary teen though. This story takes place after he just got done graduating from the International Vampire League. This kid was a vampire. He was a vegan vampire, which meant he only drank blood from properly milked animals, or artificial blood substitutes. He wasn't particularly happy about being one. If he had a chance to be normal, there is no doubt he would take it. He tried being as normal as he could. He went to parties and concerts like everybody did in New York. He wanted to be a firefighter. Ever since McCobb was a child he wanted to be a hero. Therefore, after graduating, McCobb embarks on a little mission to do so. He wants to be the first vampire to reveal his identity to the "mortals," or humans. Other vampires in the association he grew up in were strongly against this idea of his. He encountered many problems with them because of this. At one point they went as far as threatening his life. The others feel like once Morning reveals himself, all of the rest of the vampires will too. Then they think that they will attack and drink the blood of the humans. That isn't McCobb's plan at all. He wants to help the humans. Vampires have superhuman powers and he wants to show that he can be peaceful. Morning ends up faling for this seventeen year old girl named Portia Dredful. As they grow closer, the temptaion for McCobb to suck Portia's blood grows as well. Although he is a vegan vampire, the urge for humans sometimes arises. Portia finds out about his secret of being a vampire and is schocked, but they remained together. McCobb comes close to revealing his identity many times, but never does. DeThanatos is a vampire out to slay McCobb. They run into him near the end of the story. It is a big action scene, were DeThanatos is eventualy killed. McCobb later found out that DeThanatos was his "maker." If you kill your maker, then you go too. Since McCobb killed his maker, the vampire curse was off of him and he could finally live a normal life like he has always wanted.