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First off, no official announcement from Microsoft cooperation guaranteed that the Microsoft Certification Training would let you pass the exam that you are trying to take its certificate from Microsoft, rather; this system is simply a training system which helps you to enhance your knowledge and experience through studying some relevant courses to the exam you are intending to attend, no more, so never listen to such commercial ads spreading the promises of passing your exam by just attending their classes!

Second, some of these companies, offering you the Microsoft certification training, falsely say that they offer you the exact exam of the Microsoft certificate you are seeking to take, while they only train you on a so much similar one but not on the exact one and the purpose of this training on the exam style is to avoid being panicked when you face your examination paper for the first time, so beware of this point too.

Third point I want to warn you about is considering all the training programs of Microsoft certification are alike and all of them will boost your knowledge to the level that would let you pass your certificate exams, in the contrary, these training programs vary and some of them are really no sense! Be cautious when choosing your Microsoft certification program and choose the efficient one, not just any one! Microsoft exams aren't that naïve to be taken with no good training or even with just some silly training.

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