My Reading History By: Luke Crespo

Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader!

From 2 to 5 Years of Age- I was Read To...

Books read by my mom at bedtime: "I Love you Forever, The Cat In The Hat and Ruby, The Special Bear." I really enjoyed having my mom reading to me because I loved using my imagination to "see" the stories in my head.

From 7 to 9 Years of Age- Young Reader

Young Reader: "The Giving Tree, Charlotte's Web, Amelia Bedelia"

It took me a little while to be interested in reading on my own so my mom would take me to the library and continued reading to me at "quiet time." Also, I had a a couple of teachers that would read aloud in the classroom which I enjoyed so I did not have to read out loud or on my own.

From 10 Years to Present

A Lifetime Of Reading

Books I did not enjoy because of being too hard to read and having too much information I did not understand and for having characters I did not relate with.

"The Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen and "The Giver" by Lois Lowry

As A Future Reader....

I want to become a better reader and be able to enjoy reading for pleasure without feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. I am interested in reading material related to video games and how they are created, the software used, etc. Also, I like reading comedy and adventures.