Joaquin Mascarua Phone: (206) 724-1077

About Me

I was born in Puebla, Mexico. My parents still live there and have 4 siblings living in different states in Mexico. I lived in Monterrey, Mexico for over 15 years, then moved to Mexico City where I lived 2 years before moving to Washington.

I'm an Electronic Systems engineer with 18 years of working experience in areas like Architecture, Development, Security, Infrastructure and Project Management. I've developed projects for companies in the United States, UK and Spain.

I'm a very active person who likes challenges. I'm also very handy and can fix a leaky faucet or broken light switch. I even installed hardwood floors in two rooms of our last rental home.

Personal Information

Full Name: Joaquin G. Mascarua Villarreal

Date of Birth: December 22, 1972

Occupation: Systems Engineer

Social Security Number: In process.

Current Phone: (206) 724-1077

Email address:

Address in Mexico: Anahuac 4, Tlacuitlapa. Mexico D.F. 01650

Phone in Mexico: +52 (55) 62368634

Employment / Financial Information

Current Employer: Amazon

Address: 1918 8th Ave, Seattle, WA

Occupation: Systems Engineer

Gross Income: $85,000

Past Employer: BrainScan Group

Address: Cordobanes 41, San Jose Insurgentes, Mexico D.F.

Phone Number:

Occupation: Technology Consultant

Supervisor: Ricardo Perret

Gross Income: $36,000

Checking Account Bank: First Tech Credit Union

Credit Card: Citi AAdvantage.

Previous Addresses

Mexico City:

Anahuac 4, Tlacuitlapa

Mexico D.F.


Landlady: Olivia Anaya

Lived in single family house for 2 years.


Rio Verde 611, Mitras Centro

Monterrey, N.L.


Landlady: Ana Luisa Vargas

Lived in single family house for 7 years.



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