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Blog Post - Why 1984 matters

Blog Post

1984 matters because it is a lot like society is today and predicting the future. It should be included in a capsule so that when it is dug up you will be able to see what people predicted society to be like in the future. I think you will be surprised to see that George Orwell was spot on in what life is like today. This text matters to today' society because people need to see that what is written and how life is in 1984, and that we don’t want our world to be like that. We will see that the world created in 1984 is a lot like life is like in todays world. We do not want our world to be a dictatorship and that we have no privacy and that is what life is turing into. This is important because even people back then knew that we would change for the worse and that George orwell may have wrote this to show that we need to change our society back. This text may be a way for people to compare our society to the life created in 1984 and to see what we need to change in order to prevent certain things from going on.This text will help the future society to know what life will be like if all this continues to go like it does in 1984. This text acts as basically a guide of what not to do in the future and what will happen if you do. The events that happen in this text are very closely related to what happens in present society so this shows we need to change. This text matters because it shows exactly the bad in the world and the consequences it can have on people. The government needs to reflect on what life is like in 1984 and make a change so that life does not end up in a scary place.

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Winston- Hugh Jackman

O’Brien- George Clooney

Julia- Jennifer Lawrence

Big Brother- Johnny Deep

Goldstein- Kevin James

Parsons- Sandra Bullock

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Julia - journal entry

So today I saw Winston and I'm totally in love with him but he doesn't know that yet. Tomorrow I am going to see him at work and try to slip him a note without the tele screen noticing. I am a member of the anti sex league but I am corrupt. I know that the government is messed up but the right thing to do is to stay unnoticed so I don't get vaporized. Even though I am a member of the anti sex league I have to confess that is not true of me .