Facilitator's Updates

Important Information and Updates

Small Group Instruction

Small groups are an essential part of increasing academic achievement. It is very difficult for us to diagnose problems, get to know our students as readers and mathematicians and teach/ follow-up with students if we don't have up close and personal conversations with them in smaller settings. Establishing small groups, creating a schedule and sticking to it to the best of your ability, will help with management and accountability. Are you conducting small groups on a daily basis in all subject areas? If not, what subject areas are you pulling small groups? Are your students performing better in those areas? Do you have a documented schedule? If not, please contact L. Wilson to help you with these tasks. If you do not have groupings, schedules, and lessons for small group instruction in oncourse, please do so by the end of the month. If you do, kudos to you!!!!!! Please let me know how I can support you with small group instruction.



Read Across America Week

Read Across America Week is approaching quickly (February 29th- March 4th). The books are listed as a guide for you to read or listen to from the internet to set the tone for the day. Please see the list of events below:

Monday, 2/29/16- Book Character Dress Up:

Dress up in your favorite book character attire. Don’t forget the book or book jacket!

Tuesday, 3/1/16- Fluency Day:

“Oh Say Can You Say” by Dr. Seuss

Have fun with fluency. Determine who the fastest reader in the class is while comprehending the text. This student will be rewarded the most fluent reader in the class!

Wednesday, 3/2/16- Get Cozy with Pajamas and Read Day:

“I Can Read with My Eyes Shut” by Dr. Seuss

Wear pajamas and bring your favorite book to school to read.

Thursday, 3/3/16- Career Day:

“Oh the Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss

Dress up as what you want to be when you grow up.

Friday, 3/4/16- Poetry Day:

Your teacher will share their favorite poetry with you throughout the day. Feel free to bring one of your favorite poems to school to share as well.

March Math-ness

How it works:

· Send home the March Math-ness problem every Monday in the month of March. The first problem will be sent home Monday, February 29th. The problems are for students to complete at home with their parents.

·Collect solutions and paper-clip them together. Please be sure that first and last names as well as teacher name appear on each solution.

· Put them in L.Wilson’s box by the end of the day Wednesday.

· Three students from each grade level will receive a prize and be featured on the news broadcast every Friday morning.

If you have any questions, please see L. Wilson. Thank you for encouraging your students to participate!

Learning Walk

Learning Walks will take place next week. I am super excited and proud of the the first round teachers for being so brave and willing to host the first learning walk. The schedules are pretty tight so please drop off your children quickly so that we can follow the schedule and be courteous to the guest we are visiting.

MAP Testing

MAP testing is coming up. Please continue to talk you your students about the importance of MAP testing. We have shown a lot of growth from BOY to MOY. I look forward to seeing how students show growth on the EOY MAP assessment.