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Customer Care Newsletter: August 2012

Welcome once again, Modpeeps, to the Customer Care monthly recap. In this edition, we continue to celebrate the hard work of every advocate that goes into creating a stellar shopping experience for our online community - with a special shout out to our newer members, who have helped keep up our virtual street cred for such fabulous service. Below, you will find the same fantastic customer feedback for service, and the site in general - reinforcing the handwork that ALL of us put into making ModCloth one of the most dedicated and impressive places to shop in CyberLand.

We start with a thrilling countdown of customer encouragement, followed by a Care-side chat with Product Knowledge Lead and Advocate Emily Seibel. Before it's all over, we'll circle back down memory lane as some of our Advocates share their favorite back-to-school memories, since it's that time. So, settle into your Snuggies, grab the snacks, and peruse away!

High Five

Fabulous feedback from our fans ...

5. "This company is awesome! I called and things were solved in minutes. I finally feel

like a company cares about its customers." (Incident #271316)

4. "Thank you for your help. I really have appreciated your customer service. Being in

Australia makes it hard to get customer support, so, this online chat service has

been great!" (LiveChat)

3. "Just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your overall service. We've never

ordered dresses like this online, and it was a big risk. The dresses came, and

although they didn't work, it was okay because I know I can send them back without

incurring a charge! We will definitely order from you guys again! Thanks for making

it so very easy to shop! (Incident #269451)

2. "As my 80-year-old grandfather often quotes: 'OH M GEE'. So, guess what decided

to arrive in the late post today? Correct! My dress has decided to grace me with its

presence at long last! They say that patience is a virtue, so, perhaps I need some

more practice in that area. :) I do absolutely love the dress, and it shall fit perfectly

for the big anniversary day. In all good consciousness, I can no longer accept the

gift voucher that you've so kindly provided, but I would seriously like to thank your

fabulous team for all the time and effort for my little case. Anyway, thank you!!"


1. "Wow. I'm so impressed. Thank you so much. There's a lot to be said for such

personal service. You've got me for life. I really appreciate your actions but I

appreciate your comments just as much, if not more. Wouldn't it be great if all

businesses and corporations could be run in ways to make positive influence on

the global and regional marketplace?" (Incident #254105)

Care Corner

A quick chat with Lead Product Knowledge Specialist and Advocate, Emily Seibel

Currently in her second year at ModCloth, Emily Seibel has established a reputation for delivering consistently stellar care, in addition to heading up the Product Knowledge Team, which has proven to be an invaluable resource for many ModCloth devotees. What began as a personal project of compiling a fashion dictionary for CC, soon evolved into a group effort, providing that extra bit of information about fit and designers, as well as offering specific measurements upon request. Before she came to ModCloth, Emily pursued an interest in starting her own boutique -- which she may still do, once she moves to Scotland.

The Pittsburgh native shares a moment with us to explain her love of travel (all 50 states, at that!), her penchant for honesty, and her love for surf and turf!

What is your greatest vice or indulgence?

brutal honesty

What is your greatest achievement, so far?

Since I was 7, my parents and I traveled during summers. We made it to each of the 50 states -- my favorite region was New England, and I hope I continue to travel.

What is a personal quality you are working to improve?

I have a tendency to make really awful, expressive faces when I see things that I don't like. I need to be more mindful of that.

What quality or qualities do you most appreciate in a friend?

loyalty, dependability, honesty – and a weird, healthy sense of humor

What quality or qualities do you most dislike in others?

Insincerity, dishonesty, and superficiality

What is your favorite pastime?


If you could be any other person, other than yourself, who would you be and why?

I would be Daphne Guinness -- she's an artist, wildly fashionable, and I admire the amazing risks she takes.

What is your idea of happiness?

Happiness for me is being with my friends and family and a big bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy.

What would be your last meal?

Jumbo Maryland blue crabs or a very rare steak

If you could change one fact of life, what would it be?

I will be honest- that's a horrible question.

Would You? Could You?

If our customers could change anything ...

"Hi. I just wanted to provide some feedback. I really love the shoes you guys have, but all my favorites stop at a size 10. I really hope that, in the future, more and more of your shoes come in size 11 -- especially since there are a growing number of us with size 11 feet." (Incident # 271790)

"I'd like to request more full-skirted dresses that are knee-length to tea length. A lot of your dresses are really short. If they're four inches above the knee on me -- and I'm 5'2" -- I can't imagine how short they are on taller girls. Granted, some people like shorter dresses, but more variety in length would be nice." (Facebook)

One For The Team

Customers have "mod" respect for M.C. ...

"I'm sure you guys get loads of people complaining about unimportant things, so, I figured I would just let you know that you're freaking awesome. I'm from Newfoundland, Canada, so, I don't order from the US often because of the hassle -- but I've never had one hitch with ModCloth when I received my order! Keep up the awesome job. I will be ordering again soon! Rock on!" (Incident #253258)

"Dear ModCloth, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways: All the pretties, great customer service, reviews on the items (good and bad!), little fun freebies in my order, and most of all, keeping this 34-year-old -- almost 35 (gulp!) -- feeling young and stylish!" (Facebook)

"I adore! I love the variety you offer and your return policy is great! I've had nothing but great experiences, especially when handling returns and exchanges. Shipping is always super fast. You guys are amazing! Keep up the great work! XOXO" (Incident #266013)

"Living in Arizona, I always dread the summers, but shopping for swimsuits is always a pain for me, too. I really just wanted to let you now that I'm so thrilled to see a site with:

A) Amazing customer service

B) Plus size models that are actually modeling the suits

This site has really boosted my confidence and reassured me that you *can* look great in anything, and with so many options, ModCloth makes that a snap! For all the girls out there with curvy figures, we salute you." (Incident 233756)

Adventures In Care: Back To School Edition

As we watch the final styles from the "Last Hurrah" sale snatched from the site, we can't help but think of all those young ladies sweating their back-to-school wardrobes. After all, there's Homecoming, semester parties, and the overall necessity of looking fly for that crush in Freshman Chem. In celebration of such joyous, bygone days of frivolity, we asked our Advocates to share some of their school memories.

Tracey Vaughan, Advocate and Product Knowledge Specialist

I think my happiest back to school memory was when I started college (naturally). I packed up everything I thought I'd need (so everything I owned), and threw it in trash bags the day before I left for Indiana. Needless to say, I am a pro packer! All I remember is my one older brother telling me I was bringing way too much, and my future roommate would hate me. My parents ended up hauling back a lot of my stuff once we discovered my tiny closet. Attached is a picture from my freshman year composite picture for Pi Beta Phi. This is probably the happiest I have ever looked in a professional pic (notice the lame, off-the-shoulder black top we all had to wear). My first day of classes, I wore my boxers to my 7:30 a.m. math class, pretty embarrassing-looking back on it. I took rolling out of bed to a whole new level.

Stephanie Yeager, Training and Communications Specialist

I used to LOVE going to KMart to get school supplies! I would buy everything--even things I didn't need, like a compass that I never even remotely used (not even for geometry)--just so I could organize everything in my pencil box and know that I had everything I could possibly ever need (the early makings of a hoarder, I'm sure). I was obsessed with those pencil grippers and novelty-shaped erasers, and would constantly trade them back and forth with friends. Sounds weird, but school supply bartering was so fun!

Emily Seibel, Advocate and Lead Product Knowledge Specialist

One of my greatest school memories is being made fun of in this outfit, because my socks matched my sweater:

Until next time ... Thanks for reading!