Legendary HR Smore

by Torey Pritchett

Things the interviewee did well(Video)

He came well prepared and showcased class and manners and whatnot, He had a impressive resume, and was well dressed and made eye contact and at the end gave a firm handshake.

the things the interviewee did poorly(Video)

He didn't come dress properly. He did not wait to be seated,and he didn't sit in the chair properly when he did sit down.
First Job Interview - Interviewing Tips
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Come well prepared head to toe

You should come fresh with a great attitude

Sit Up /Dont Limp

Always stand straight up and when your sitting you should sit straight up and avoid limping over

Eye Contact

Make good eye contact at all times,dont wander around

High School Teacher

Job description: Teach kids all standards to the best of your ability a d push them towards success


At least 25 years old

4 years of college

Some type of Teaching History

Salary /Wage

5,000 $ annualy ,

325 $every 2 weeks