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Beautiful Land Marks, And Great History!!

Constantinople, the most beautiful oceans, center of trade, cathedrals, and packed filled with history. This wonderful place is located at the eastern edge of Europe between the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea. There's beautiful Cathedrals and a Hippocampus. Also we have thrilling chariot races! There's several hundred years of history.
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Chariots Races, Hagia Sophia, Oceans Of A Different Kind, OH MY!

The Races

At the edge of you seat, shouting, wanting to jump down and do it yourself! Where are you? You at the chariot races. The most amazing sport you've ever experienced. They're thrilling to watch and see the amazing horses that pull the chariots!

Hagia Sophia

The Hagia Sophia is the most beautiful thing you've ever seen! It's stained glass windows are thing of perfection. They're made with delicate and precise hands. There are thousands of arches that make normal cathedrals look old and outdated. If you love architecture this the place for you.

The Oceans

If you love oceans this is the place for you. There is two to choose from the Aegean and the Black sea. Perfect places to take your family. Kids will love sandy beaches to build sand castles. Parents will love the waves and to watch their children having fun playing.

Trading Galor

Do you love to get new things? Well if you do then come to Constantinople they are the center of trade. You can get things from wine and food to jewelry to clothes.