Georgetown University

Washington, DC


The Georgetown Campus is located 1.5 miles from downtown DC, 39 miles from Huntingtown. A drive from Huntingtown to the campus takes approximately 54 minutes.
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  • $75 application fee that may be waived based on financial needs
  • 17% of students who apply are actually admitted
  • Average SAT score range of admitted students: 1320-1520 (writing section not included)
  • Average ACT score range of admitted students: 30-33 (writing section not included)
  • Average unweighted GPA range: 3.68-3.89

Housing and Financial Aid

Annual Costs

  • Tuition: $48,048
  • Yates Fee: $404
  • Average Class Fee: $381
  • Activity Fee: $159
  • New Student Orientation (Freshmen): $228
  • Average Room and Board: $14,574
  • Average Books: $1,200
  • Average Personal Expenses: $2,116
  • Total Cost: $67,110

Student Life

Jack the Bulldog

Jack the Bulldog is Georgetown University's official mascot. The first Jack was brought to the campus in 1962 and the current Jack was brought to Georgetown in October of 2013. While the previous Jack retired mascot duties in 2012, he still lives on campus with the caretaker. During games, the mascot often tears apart cardboard boxes with the other team's logo printed on it.


Georgetown is a Division I school and offers a variety of different sports, including baseball, football, lacrosse, sailing, rowing, tennis, and track and field.

Georgetown University Outdoor Education

The Georgetown Outdoor Adventure Training offers a social environment for students to get involved and meet new people. Their goal is found on their website and states, "Through wilderness based endeavors, Georgetown University Outdoor Education seeks to teach, to inspire, and guide students, creating a community where learning, personal challenge, reflection, and increased compassion for others and the environment are fostered and upheld as core values…".