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January 19, 2015

SBAC Update: For those at WCS...

By now you should have seen Jackie's email about providing regular (weekly!) experiences with the SBAC practice tests for your students. The current practice tests are the 'old' ones. Updates are scheduled to be available soon. You can start now and then use the 'new' ones when they're available.

You may want to do some of this as a whole class activity and some of it as an experience for students to do independently. Please let me know if you'd like me to be there or if I can assist in any way!

Please use the Secure Browser when providing practice experiences for students. They need to get a sense of what it's going to be like, rather than working from a tab in a 'regular' browser.

Each team should be scheduling time as a team of professionals to:

  • Take an inventory of headphones/earbuds on your team. Each student will need access to these during your team's testing window. Let Bonnie know what you have/need.
  • Input students who need accommodations into the ISAAP Excel spreadsheet for your team. If more than 15 students, start another spreadsheet. Your special educator will then share the spreadsheet in a location on the network (TBD) for Bonnie and Cindy M. to access.
  • All adults administering the SBAC to students need to take the Online Certification Course. We will provide you with the link to access that when it is available.
  • All adults should take the training tests and the practice tests once the SBAC portal goes live. (as of now, Jan. 23)

* Let Bonnie and Jackie know when your team is meeting to do these tasks.

Lots of SBAC information is available on the WSD SBAC Central site. Check the calendar page there- stay on top of when your team's testing window is and work backward to provide time for practice and training tests.

More information will be coming soon. We're gearing up!

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Student Commenting on Digital Writing

Need Some Quick Icons or Graphics?

Go to and search for images (like clip art) of almost anything you can think of. Create the free account and when you download an image, the creator's name is automatically added, giving proper credit. See the example of the footprints below.
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Recent Google Updates

Google Classroom now has new features (archiving old classes, teacher view of assignments, and an iPad app. Nancy will likely install apps and updates during February break.) Read more about it here!

How To Use Doctopus and Goobric to Grade Google Classroom Assignments

How To Create a Bibliography in Google Docs (we already have EasyBib connected under More via the AppLauncher - the 3X3 array top right corner)

Choice Eliminator is an add-on for Google Sheets. Choice Eliminator will eliminate an option from a multiple choice, list, or checkbox question after a user has submitted it. Choice Eliminator now supports the ability to set how many times a choice get selected before it is eliminated. Perfect for parent conference sign up! Contact your friendly tech integration team to see this in action.

The new Goobric Web App (available, linked from the current Chrome extension) can now capture audio comments -- great for providing a more personal touch when providing rubric-based feedback in Drive.

The 'new look' for Drive is soon to be the only look for Drive. If you need any assistance when Drive looks different, contact Bonnie, Sagui, or Linda. You can start using the 'new look' now, if you aren't already. (go under the gear in Drive and choose the new look)

Here's the final version of the Top Reasons for Technology in Schools that you helped to create. Thank you so much for your input and feedback!

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Chromebook Tips

Here's how one school district is using their Chromebooks to get creative. (Going above and beyond using devices for word processing and research, working toward Redefinition on the SAMR model!)

Contact Your Friendly Tech Integration Team

Email is best as we're not always at our desks.