Class News

February 15 - LeCroy and Spencer's Class

Cookie Dough

Dear Parents,

We are excited to let you know that we have received the date the cookie dough will arrive, February 19th. We will need for you to plan to pick up the cookie dough at the school between 2 and 4, but no later than 4:00 pm on February 19th. We do not have access to a freezer to store it; so that is why our pick-up window is so limited to this day. Also, we are not allowed to send the cookie dough on the bus. We thank you for your patience and helping us make our Charleston trip affordable for everyone in third grade! We already have a few volunteers, but need more. I you are able to volunteer between 10 and 11 and/or between 2 to 4, we need volunteers to help ensure this cookie dough gets distributed.

Thanks again, Third Grade Teachers

Progress Reports

Progress Reports will go home next Thursday. I usually update you ever week or two in the Tuesday folders. This week, there will be no changes. Any additional assessments will be noted next week.

Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day!

The students had a blast yesterday. Thank you so much for all of the donations, and for making this a very memorable day for them! Ms. Spencer and I want to thank you for all of our Valentine's goodies!

CBL-Challenge Based Learning

Third grade students have notice that there may be a problem within our school community. No one seems to be taking advantage of the outdoor classroom. This week, third grade students decided they needed to collect data from teachers and students to find out how often the outdoor classroom is getting used, what they might use it for, among other things. Next week, students will actually design surveys for the entire student/teacher body to take. The students are so eager to jump right in and see how they can make a change here at Sunset Park! Your children are absolutely amazing!

Writing/Reading - Written by: Reagan

Previously in class we learned about doing research. Currently we are working on a biography project about important people in South Carolina and things they have done. We have each chosen a person to write on. Each part has a separate due date. The pic collage s due last week. Tomorrow, Friday, The timeline is due. Also, to practice for our school wide writing assessment in March, on Fridays, Mrs. LeCroy gives a prompt to write about. Please feel free to ask your children or our teachers for more information or questions.

Social Studies - Written by: Bryson

Previously we have been talking about the slaves and the classes of people during the Antebellum Period. We have learned about the cotton gin, as well as abolitionists. We have been talking about freedom quilts and the Underground Railroad. Parents tell your student that we have a link on edmodo that shows what the symbols mean. Recently Mrs.Gray brought in a freedom quilt that one of her friends made for her. In reading time, we have been studying the quilt to see what the symbols means. Ask Mrs. LeCroy or your students if you have any questions.