By Josh S

What is Depression?

  • Depression is a mental disorder that causes you to feel sad or unmotivated for the majority of the day.
  • Depression is usually a long term problem that requires medicine or psychological help

What Causes Depression

  • Little is known about the causes of depression.
  • The most likely known causes are:
  1. Mental Trauma
  2. Inherited Traits
  3. Hormones


There is no sure way to prevent depression, however, these tips may help.

  • Keep Stress under control - stress is a large factor that can lead to depression. Do activities that are fun or interesting throughout the day.
  • Keep good relations with family and friends - sometimes people get depressed because they feel they have no friends or their family is slipping away
  • Seek treatment as soon as you detect depression - depression can lead to other problems or even suicide. Make sure you get help as soon as you feel like you have depression.

How to deal with depression

Here are some tips to help improve daily life if you are suffering depression:

  • Simplify life - making day-to-day life easier is one of the best ways to deal with depression. It also keeps you from making important decisions while depressed.
  • Keep a journal - writing in a journal helps you vent emotions and look back on the different events of the day.
  • Stay involved - Don't stop going to any groups or events that you are a part of. If you are not a part of a group or event, try joining one. Being around other people you like brings up your mood and distracts you from your depression
  • Try to keep yourself relaxed - Depression often leads to stress, which can make your condition worse. Find ways to keep yourself relaxed.


  • About 7% of Americans are affected by Depression
  • Depression can affect anyone at any age
  • The median age is 32