September 16 - September 22 VOL.# 3 ISSUE#3

Week at a glance


PDAS-last day to submit Section I of self report on Eduphoria

2:50 Abrakadoodle Begins (in Art room)

3-4 Build-a-blog in comp lab (please sign up on Eduphoria)...If you want to explore it's going to be done with

Last day to submit google form for Collaborative boks study. Teachers only.


CT 4th

3:00 Design Team mtg. (members only)


CT 3rd


CT 2nd
6:30 PTA mtg (Prideful Paws announced) dinner @ 6:00


CT 1st

CRE Shirt Day

3:00 Mad Science begins room 102

Faculty of the month nominee due to MJ




Kidstage begins

4th grade choir mtg.


3:10-4:10 Faculty meeting


5th grade choir mtg.


Silly Sock Day

Luncheon (sign-up through Signup Genius)


"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."

~Thomas A. Edison

September Birthdays!

5th.....Joanie Jackson

6th.....Sheila Stevens

9th.....Karol Ellis

9th.....Betty Robinson

17th....Beth Carpenter

18th....Shelli Phillips

23rd....Valerie Wall


Wanted to provide some answers from our team meetings:

  1. Everyone should have black butcher paper in your door window. This is for an intruder situation
  2. K-2 will get 1/2 day subs for DRA. Please make sure over the next 3 weeks you use coyote time to help test. This will provide important information when looking at your intervention groups.
  3. RTI meeting dates will start soon. Please let Dawn know if there are any students you are concerned about.
  4. Progress reports....Please note, students with a 74 or below should have one. Teachers print out progress reports and the office will print out report cards.
  5. Just a reminder, there are 6 grades per core area each 9 weeks. Parents are questioning the number of grades required. You should include this information in your newsletter or email blast. If you are giving a grade, you should input that grade quickly....that's good feedback to our children and parents.
  6. I am forming a committee to look at lesson plans and to develop expectations. Please send me an email if you are interested. This should not take much outside time.

Updated Information


*Please make sure you have completed your PDAS section 1 of your self report prior to September 16th.

*The morning announcements will be streamed through your laptop starting Monday, 9-16. Please check to make sure everything is working on your end. The Coyote Ridge Video Host icon should be in your teacher applications folder. You will click Live TV and Local Announcements and then choose Local Broadcast. From there, you will just press the play button.

*September 3-27; grades 1-2 {Reading DRA2/EDL2, Reading DRA Analysis Tasks

grade 1{Word Study WTW}

grades 3-5 new students only {Reading DRA/EDL2 & Word study WTW

October 4th Data needs to be entered into Aware

September 23-October 10 grades k-2 {Math BOY Universal screening}

September 30-November 4 Kinder {Reading DRA word Analysis Tasks

November 11th Data need to be entered in Aware

*Vision and Hearing Screening begin this week and will continue every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday through the end of October. Next week is: Martinez, Thrasher and Carlson. Please have kids bring their glasses. Please do not send student down unless it is an emergency from 2pm until dismissal. Thanks

*CRE 4th & 5th Grade choir will begin soon. 4th grade meets every Tuesday

in the music room from 2:50-3:45 beginning September 24th. 5th grade meets every Thursday in the music room from 2:50-3:45 beginning September 26th. Students will receive a handout & sign up sheet next week. It's also available on Mrs. Seibert's website: The enrollment key is: coyotemusic.

*The LISD FIFTH GRADE HONOR CHOIR is looking for outstanding 5th graders to

audition for the prestigious choir. The director this year is Cynthia Nott, director of the Greater Dallas Children's Chorus. If interested, the pre auditions will be held in the CRE music room, September 18-19, from 2:50-3:45 PM. Auditions will be Friday, September 20th in the music room from 2:50-3:45 PM. Three students will be chosen to participate in 108 member 2013 LISD FIFTH GRADE HONOR CHOIR. Information is online on

Mrs. Seibert's website: The enrollment key is: coyotemusic. Handouts will also be given to all 5th graders.

*Our first PTA mtg is September 19. PTA is providing dinner (starting at 6:00) and our first round of Prideful PAWS will be announced. Staff need to attend 2 meetings per year:)

*We have hired a new ESL aide! Sharlene Stabel will be a Coyote within the next week. As soon as we know her start date, we will share. Thanks to Jennifer Powers for her hard work while interviewing:)

Coyote Pride

*Thanks to Brenda and Kent Wittenauer for hosting a super-sweet after school Book Club. From snacks, to Mr. Hall's cameo, drinks, Cali the pup, talking about things OTHER than school, much fun was had by all! ~Sloman

*Angela Armstrong: Thank you so much for working extra to get the Upstairs Learning Lab up and running for me. The kids had a great time on Monday and Tuesday! Your help was greatly appreciated. ~Lott

*Mrs. Jacobsen and Mrs. Brustad: It was so comforting to have your support this past week. You really touched my heart with your sincere concern for our daughter, and I was able felt even stronger having the support of my administration. Thank you for truly making me feel like we are a campus family. Lott

*Class visits, observations and lessons are going great! Thanks to all the kinder, first and second grade teachers that have been so easy going with figuring all the schedule changes out with me!

Go FEFO! :) Julie

*THANK YOU to the CRE FAMILY for all of your support towards our new SPED programming and a HUGE THANK YOU to my team. You all are AMAZING. - JoAnna

*I would like to say a big thank you to Mrs. Jacobsen and Mrs. Brustad for assisting us with arrival and departure. It takes a village to get all the parents on the same page with our procedures. I would also like to say thank you to Rubin for putting all the cones out in the morning. We are off to a good start! Gill

*A HOWL out to...Theresa Hernandez for stepping in and helping the iPad team on Parent Orientation Night. Jennifer Wolf, Scott Johnston, & Jessica Lewis for helping out with breakfast last week in the cafeteria. Sarah Bohlman for covering before and after school outside duty until we got enough coverage. iPad Deployment Team for doing an amazing job of getting technology in the students’ hands. Brenda Wittenauer, Dani Sloman, Karol Ellis, & Caleb Hall for the last minute phone calls to parents to ensure the students had the information they needed to receive an iPad. ~Brustad

*Huge shout out to Brenda for hosting the Book Club meeting Friday, and to Caleb for helping us all get in touch with our “inner guys.” Also, a big thank you to Dawn for the stash of potentially life-saving chocolate in her office!!! (Not saying whose life it’s saving, just that it may, in fact, stop a homicide at some point.) ~Grommesh

*Thanks to our iPad deployment team, 4th grade teachers, and office staff for helping with iPads! ~MJ