Fad Diets

Mr. Michaels' Health Class

What are Fad Diets???

In a society obsessed with weight and appearance, the promise of quick weight loss is hard to resist. Fad diets are known as diets that promise quick and drastic weight loss in a short period of time. However, fad diets are not only ineffective in producing long-term weight loss, they can be potentially harmful to your health.


Your assignment is to create a smore and educate your peers on one current fad diet. Your smore must include the following: 1) Description of the fad diet. 2) What the fad diet promises. 3) Why the fad diet can be harmful to your health and the body systems effected. 4) At least 3 pictures of the fad diet and 1 picture of a celebrity who tried the diet. 5) Include 1 video clip of the fad diet.

Before you begin, your fad diet must be approved by me first.

Another example why fad diets can be dangerous

The Real Dangers of Fad Diets