Friday Favorites

A few of my favorite things.


As a long time "Oprah's Favorite Things" fan, I've always wanted to be able to share MY favorite things. Unfortunately, my paycheck does not allow me to scream "You get a car! You get a car! You get a car!", but I can share a few FREE favorite things. From time to time, I'll include an actual product, but it will be mostly free stuff!

I know, I know. I've blogged about this before. I've talked about this before. I've shown it to strangers on the street before! But seriously, it's my favorite online {free} photo editor.
Try it out now ... ... go ahead, try it!

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USB Speakers (Mine is RED!)

This little speaker makes me happy. It has great sound - and it can project through an entire room! I bought one a couple of years ago for about $30. Now, it's only $14.25 on Amazon. Wow.

It can connect directly to anything with a microphone jack, so if you need to project (audio) from a laptop, iPad, iPhone, etc. this little baby does the trick! Interested? Find it here.

This endorsement is simply based on my experiences, and I don't get any sort of kick-back from Amazon or anyone else (unfortunately).

Free App: Puppet Pals HD

Simply pick out your actors and backdrops, drag them on to the stage, and tap record. Your movements and audio will be recorded in real time for playback later.

Let the creative juices start flowing!

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