Freshly baked!


The bread taste u can never find anywhere.

Are you a big fan of bread, loaves, pastries and all that jazz? If yes, this one’s for you. singapore is certainly decked with bakeries that provide top-notch, high quality breads and artisanal loaves – catering to those with exquisite taste. But while bread is a food staple prepared from just a dough of flour and water, prep and bake them with a special touch, and these can definitely send you to .gastronomy heaven!
strategy 1:Slogans and jingles

Catchy and unusual slogan and jingles

are used to help consumers remember

certain products.

Consumers are more likely to buy

products that they are familiar with

strategy 2:Emotional appeal

Images such as delicious food, beautiful

scenery and shocking or humorous

images are used to attract people to


These images are designed to appeal

to our senses and stir up a desire to

have the product Advertising