What's Hot & What's Not

Hanna Richter & Cate Wiza

What's Hot? Color Run 5K

"Less about your 10-minute-mile and more about having the time of your life, The Color Run is a five-kilometer, un-timed race in which thousands of participants are doused from head to toe in different colorsat each kilometer. The fun continues at the finish line with a gigantic “Color Festival,” using more colored powder to create happiness and lasting memories, not to mention millions of vivid color combinations. Trust us, this is the best post-5k party on the planet!"
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What's Not Hot) Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Thrift Shop was the top hit in the beginning of 2013, but after awhile Radio Stations overplayed the song way too much and soon listeners started to hate it.
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What's Not Hot? The Constant Arrests of Lindsey Lohan

Lindsey Lohan has repeatedly been arrested for hit and runs, DUIs, drugs, stealing, skipping court, and way more crimes then we can list. She's constantly in the Celebrity News for her drama and childish acts. Face it Lindsey, we're sick of you!

What's Hot? Duck Dynasty

"Duck Dynasty is a reality television series on A&E. It shows the lives of the Robertson family, who became wealthy from their family-operated business, Duck Commander, operated in West Monroe,Louisiana, which makes products for duck hunters, primarily the duck call named Duck Commander. The Robertson men, brothers Phil and Si, and Phil's sons Jase, Willie, and Jep, are known for their long, flowing beards." Quote is from Wikipedia

What's Hot? Pastel Colors

Pastel Colors have been popping up all over the run way, from nails to dresses, they're everywhere.
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What's Hot? Thrilling Tv Shows

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What's Hot? Blake Griffen

Now this stud has won many awards for his good looks in magazines. Not only is he hot on the court, but catch him on the beach and your popsicle might melt!

What's Not Hot?

Ever heard of water polo? You might have seen this sport in the Summer 2012 Olympics, but many agree this sport is difficult and too confusing to watch. Plus the helmets the players wear are definitely not a fashion A+
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