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Ms. Quick's Class

December 22nd, 2015

This week in Class...

Reading: We worked on the letter Uu and Oo and the sight words "are", "had", "said", and "he".. We continued to work on stretching out the sounds in CVC words (i.e cat, big, dad...). We keep working on sounding out words and this week I have noticed a great improvement in their ability to do this!! Very exciting and something to celebrate at home too! We have been learning about word families too.

Writing: The student are doing really well writing the sight words they know when they write but they sort of break down when asked to sound out a word they would like to write that they don't know how to spell. We will continue to work on it! This is also being seen in reading too as they have a big correlation. I have found a couple apps for those students who struggle when they write to use to build their confidence.

Math: We worked on Module 5 these last couple weeks. We worked on patterns and 10-frames and 5-frames. These all seemed to come very easy to everyone. We will start Module 6 when we come back from break.

Science: We spent this week traveling and learning about how other people celebrate Christmas. We also did a little celebrating of our own.

What's Coming up Next Week?

We have our Christmas Party on Wednesday. If you would like to send a treat, we will gladly enjoy it!! We also have our gift exchange tomorrow. If your child wishes to participate, they need to bring a wrapped gift, under $5, for another student. Boys will exchange with boys and girls with girls.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! :)

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Grinch Day
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