Kelly Collins Period 4

What's Pre Sports?

What is Pre sports you may ask, well pre sports is for helping you be prepared for Sports later on in school or your life. Being in pre Sports takes a lot of effort and courage but with enough hard work you will succeed!

Expectation's for Pre sports

Pre sports has a code of conduct you know. In pre sport you must always be kind and respectful to others for example if someone's practicing volley ball and they mess up don't laugh at them encourage them to keep trying their hardest so they can do better. Also drugs is very risk full to your health and tis against the school rules.

Things to do.


Dressing out is important, its what you wear during gym, the uniform is a gray shirt with blue shorts and you need to use a hair tie to keep it up. Dressing out is part of your grade to so you better always dress out or you might get a bad grade in pre sports.