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Weekly Check In


Welcome back from Spring Break!

We're now officially in the last grading period of the 2019-2020 school year. Use the remaining weeks to boost your grades. Complete assignments, whether new or old for a grade boost. Teachers are available if you have questions via e-mail or you can set up a one-on-one conference call with them.

I'm sure people are getting cabin fever if you've been staying home - however, after listening to the Governor, we're on our way to, hopefully, have the shelter-in-place lifted before the summer. Things won't be the same though, I'm not sure if we're going to ever go back to how things were before. We'll see what updates he has on "re-opening" the state.

If you are going out, make sure you are keeping physical distance (with those that do not live with you), that you are wearing a mask, and most importantly, that you are washing your hands regularly.

Stay home. Stay safe.

Miss you all,

Ms. Moreno

Senior Space


  • If you will be interviewed for the Abby Sobrato Scholarship, you received your interview date and time on Friday. If you didn’t get an email, it does NOT mean you didn’t get a scholarship.

  • Interview Resources: How to Prepare for Virtual Interviews

Message from Mr. Monroy

Hi Jags,

I hope you had a great spring break, and in the company of the people, you care about the most. You continue to be in my thoughts, and I want to remind you to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

Since there was no school last week, I will keep my message short. As you enter week #2 of distance learning, educational platforms, tools, and norms will begin to be more familiar. If they still aren’t, however, it’s okay. Be patient with yourself, and remember to ask for help. You got this!

Here is this week’s tip for success:

Check your school email daily!

Teachers, administrators, and staff are working hard behind the scenes every day to provide you with an enriching distance learning platform to support your growth and academic success. Checking your email every day via Chromebook, and/or Gmail application will help you stay updated on all critical notifications.

There are many loving and caring teachers and staff members who are eager to extend their support. And as mentioned above, reach out with any questions or concerns.

Miss you! STAY SAFE and HEALTHY!

Mr. Monroy