Ban School Sports

By: Scott Forehan

ban sports

In recent years many kids have been hurt or let down by playing school sports. Also it can be a main root problem why bullying is still a problem in schools. Not to mention the cost it takes to play the sport. Lastly how school's budget is aim towards sports instead of academics.

Drop in Academic Grades

It has been proven that playing sports drop the overall grades of students. The reasons being they are distracted by the tonight's game. Also having a extra long practice, making them too tired to focus in school. When you see acceptance graphs for college you always see that one dot that's way lower then the average. Most people think it's an athletic, which for the people who don't or can't play sports have to work harder to get to the college they want.

Expensive to Play

For middle school football it cost $125 alone. That payment doesn't include the cleats, the gas needed to travel to the games, or the time needed to play or for practice. For most people it may be a burden on them. Especially if the parents have multiple kids. The price tag to just sign up adds up quickly.


There are countless cases where student athletics get hurt to the point where it cases permanent issues. Also not to mention the endless unreported concussion. That problem even happens in the major leagues, the NFL being the biggest one. One big case being Eric LeGrand who was sadly paralyzed from playing college football. Now his whole life was changed because of the danger of the sport.

Unfair to Play

Just because you pay that hefty sign up fee. You may never even touch the field. Many students who have good skill may never shine because they are over looked by the couches. This happens mainly in middle school and lower, but still can happen in high school. What happens is coaches have sons or daughters on the team. With common sense they would want to see their children play. With all of the positions taken that leaves all of the kids who don't have connections on the side line.

Working Out

Many schools make kids lift weights and hard conditioning. Which can have big affects on the growth development. Not saying working out is bad, it's when kids try to show off and lift huge weights and cause problems with their joints and muscles. Now there's kids with worse knees than a 40 year old adult.

Unlikely hood of career

Unless you are a freak of nature or have amazing skills. The percentage of someone making in the major leagues are slim. Even if you make it, you may never become a starter. That leaves many kids want to become like their idols. When those kids put everything they have into and don't make it. It can have a huge negative impact on them.

Forms social groups

It's protected in the movies, there's the "bully jock" picking on the" nerd". This is true to real life it's not just in the movies. There are many times where that has happened. Without sports that would remove the stereotype of the "bully jock".

Budgeting by Schools

In the current news, there's a high school in Texas that has the plans for $63 million stadium! This is a high school not for the Houston Texans or even a college. Now people's taxes are going to sky rocket because of it. With the amount of money spent on the athletics department schools would have the tools needed to make the education for the students best as possible. For most schools the textbooks are so old and used they barely stay together.

Closing Statement

There are many more reasons why schools sports have more cons than pros to them. With kids having low grades to have time for sports. To parents paying huge lump sums of money to just sign up. Probably the biggest one is the countless injuries that happen while playing the sport. Lastly how the schools budgets their money. Which in return leaves the academic side students in the dust with older materials.