Quality Engineer

@Schneider Electric

Base Salary

The base salary changes upon different factors like experience and other things. The salary can range from $59,762-$112,000.


Skills Required

The ability to communicate with people is a large skill. The worker needs to be able to communicate with the customer via email or phone. Also the ability to adapt and learn. The ability to figure fix products with only the resource of your computer and skills learned from training.

Training is required

Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) exam is part of the training process for the job. Along with the exam there is basic training on how the work is done around the work place.

There is no Internship.


Degree Necessary

What is Required is at least a Bachelors Degree.


Best Engineering Colleges

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Job Info

The hours are 8am-5pm

The days are Mon-Fri

Full Time job

Task: Helping customers with quality of product and judging if the product is good or not.

Job does't require travel due to technology the job can be done in one location.

The location is in factory so there is a need for protection with steel toed boots and hair tied up.

Other staff will be located around you with the ability to help if needed.