Strathmore Elementary School

December Newsletter

Mrs. K Bera, Principal

December Events
  • December 6 Holiday Shoppe
  • December 7 Holiday Shoppe
  • December 8 Holiday Shoppe
  • December 19 BOE Meeting Lloyd Road School
  • December 22 Winter Assembly
  • December 23 Four Hour Session School dismisses at 1:20
  • December 26-30 Winter Recess
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Jeans For A Cause

The Strathmore staff is raising money to support the following organizations:

  • September - National Multiple Sclerosis Society
  • October -Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation & Breast Cancer Research Fund
  • November - RAINE Foundation
  • December- Alzheimer's Association
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Winter Alert....Delayed Opening Information

In an effort to clarify what a delayed opening entails, listed below are the details to be followed for Strathmore Elementary:


· School begins at 10:50 AM

· Students cannot be dropped off prior to 10:40 AM

· School ends the same time as a regular day – 3:35PM

· There is no Y time in the morning for a delayed opening

· There is no breakfast for a delayed opening

With regard to Bus pickup, please add 90 minutes to the time that is listed on your child’s bus pass. For example, if your bus is due to arrive at 8:50 am, in a 90 minutes delayed opening, the time for that bus would be 10:20 AM. The procedure of being at your bus stop about 10 minutes before would still apply in a delayed opening.

We hope the above information will assist you with any confusion regarding a delayed opening.

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Dress for the weather

· When weather conditions permit, the students do go outside to play during recess. Please make sure your child has appropriate clothing to wear outdoors.

· The temperature in the building ranges from classroom to classroom. It is suggested that your child dress in layers so that they can feel comfortable at all times during the school day.

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  • We ask that all Parents/Guardians please make sure to update any changes in phone numbers or contacts in the Parent Portal. Should you need to remove anyone from your contacts, please send a note to the Main Office, and we can remove the person for you. Unfortunately, the system does not allow you to do that on your own at this time.

  • Notices are uploaded on to the Virtual Backpack periodically. Please make sure that you go in every so often to view any new flyers.

  • An adult must sign in/sign out students when dropping them off late, or picking them up early. Students should not be dropped off at the door to buzz in by themselves.

  • Should your child be absent for illness/death in family/emergency, please make sure to supply a note to the child's teacher so that their absence may be changed to excused. Please note that vacations do not count as an excused absence.

Do You Make the Most of Trips to the Library?

When you visit the library with your child, do you make sure she chooses books that provide variety and an occasional challenge? Answer yes or noto the questions below:

___1.Do you help your child pick books that relate to what she’s doing in school?

___2.Do you allow time for your child to look through a variety of books?

___3.Do you let your child choose books she wants to read, even if they are too difficult?

___4.Do you make sure your child picks some books she can read with ease?

___5.Do you choose some books you and your child will enjoy reading together?

How well are you doing?More yes answers mean you’re making the most out of your library trips. For each no, try that idea from the quiz. The Parent Institute

Have Fun One-On-One

What means more to a child than almost anything else? Undivided attention from parents. Spending time alone with your child is like saying, "You're important! I love you! You're fun to be with!" It also allows the two of you to share your values, experiences, worries and dreams. How should you spend one-on-one time? Any way your child wants! Here are some suggestions:
  • Go out to eat. Make a weekly or monthly "dinner date" with your child. Or plan a special before-school breakfast.

  • Enjoy hobbies. Think of interests you share with your child, such as basketball or cooking. Then plan activities that involve these interests.

  • Exercise. Take a daily walk with your child to keep your bodies—and your relationship—in shape.

  • Work together. Sometimes the best conversations happen while you're focusing on something else, such as washing dishes or folding laundry.

  • Educate each other. Let your child introduce you to a new skill, food or musical group. Do the same thing for her.

  • Volunteer. Is there a cause you and your child both believe in? Team up to make a difference.

  • Take a drive. One of the best places to talk with your child is in the car. Since she knows your eyes are on the road, she may say things she wouldn't otherwise.

  • Hang out. Ask your child what she wants to do. If the answer is "nothing," do just that—together.

  • Say goodnight. Tuck your child in or have her say goodnight every evening. Ask about her day and end the night with an "I love you."

Note: In some families, one parent does most of the child care. If this is the case in your home, make sure the other parent spends some one-on-one time with the kids, too.

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