Auschwitz 1,2 and 3.

Auschwitz Birkenau,a deadly place but extremely interesting. It opened in 1941,but it wasn't the first Auschwitz. There was Auschwitz 1,Auschwitz 2 (also known as Auschwitz Birkenau) and Auschwitz 3 (also known as Auschwitz-Monowitz). Auschwitz 2 has always been a concentration camp.

The elimination

Auschwitz,the most deadly camp during holocaust. At least 1.1 million people died there. People died from gas chambers,ovens,starvation and work. Kids,elders and sick people were killed immediately after arrival. Healthy people adults or teens were used to work. They were killed at Auschwitz Birkenau most of the time. Most of the people killed were jews,teacher,artists,homosexuals and gypsies.

The experiments

Other terrible things that happened there was experiments done by Josef Mengele. Josef Mengele was an experimentalist that did experiments on the victims in auschwitz. Josef Mengele's spouse was Irene Schoenbein and had one child. His child was Rolf Mengele. Everyone may think that Josef Mengele did the experiments to study the human body,but also did it to eliminate the prisoners as well. Some people have survived Josef Mengele's experiments and still live.

Who was killed?

There were special groups killed in Auschwitz. The groups were Jews,Gypsies,Homosexuals,teachers and artists. The Jews were killed because hitter thought that Jews were the reason that the Germans lost World War 1. Artists were killed because hitler was not accepted into an art school. So that's why he killed teachers too.
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The murder factory

In the end,the nazis had lost the war.The nazis knew that red army soldiers were after them,so they moved west. They blew up the gas chambers and crematorium at auschwitz. Nearly sixty thousand prisoners were forced to march through the snow. The survivors were killed at a cold and effective factory. The red army had found Auschwitz at this time but it was too late.