Room 1 - Ms. Sieng's PreK Classroom

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Nov. 11-15

Dear Parents,

News and Curriculum Update:

As always, thank you for taking the time to read our classroom's newsletter. As of today, I am increasing our classroom newsletter updates from once a month to once a week. During our last round of parent-teacher conferences, the majority of parents expressed a desire to receive weekly updates on our class. I am delighted about this, so keep an eye out for newsletters every Tuesday!

This week is all about using our hands to learn. We are getting our hands dirty! In Language Arts, the children will use shaving cream to practice writing their upper and lower-case letters. In Social Studies, we will be using clay and water to create different landforms. In Science, we plan to do an outdoor scavenger hunt for living and non-living things.

Curriculum Spotlight:

In Mathematics, we are continuing our numbers lesson onto numbers 5 and 6. I believe it is important for students to have multiple strategies for learning their numbers, so this week, we are using sandpaper numbers and music. We are learning the song “One Two, Buckle My Shoe”, and I have asked the children to go home and practice it with an adult. One way that you can be involved this week is by practicing this song with your child. Another way is to point out numbers in your environment and ask your child to read what they can (telephone numbers, addresses, etc.).

Dates and Functions:

* Family Thanksgiving Potluck coming up Nov. 20th, 5:30pm. Mark your calendars!

* The Early Childhood Department is sponsoring a parent workshop entitled, "Positive Discipline for Your Pre-Schooler." Admission is free, and registration is required. See purple flyer in Tuesday folder for details!

* Starting next Spring, we will have our first PK soccer program! Ask front office for details.

Parent Volunteer Readers

Every two weeks, the children in Rm 1 get the wonderful opportunity to have a family member come to class and read stories for 10-15 minutes. The children are always asking me about who is coming next to read them a story! Thanks to all the family members who have already participated. Pictures will be posted soon!

Here are some resources on tips for reading to pre-schoolers.

Article: "5 Tips for Engaging Parent Volunteers in the Classroom."

YouTube: "Strategies for Reading Aloud to Young Children."

If you would like to participate in this activity, please contact me at your convenience. We would love to have you come in!

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Elizabeth Sieng

Pre-Kindergarten Instruction (Room 1)

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