Journal Entry #7

The Great Gatsby

Chapter 7, pages:113-145

Chapter summary

During this, Gatsby, because of his Daisy, calls off his parties and fires his servants to prevent rumors as well as to spend time with Daisy. Nick arrives at Tom and Daisy's for lunch and realizes that Gatsby and Jordan are already there and which Tom decides to open his opinion up towards Gatsby, wanting answers, causing them to fight and Daisy offering for them to go to New York for a distraction, yet they continue more there. While on there way back from the city, Tom and them find that there was a car accident involving Myrtle, killing her, and it was Daisy driving Gatsby car. When arriving back, Nick finds Gatsby in one of Tom's bushes, being there to make sure that Tom doesn't hurt Daisy and has Nick check. After trying to convince him to leave, and it failing, Nick walks off.
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George Wilson


-Myrtle's husband

-Own's and works at a run down auto shop

-Madly in love with his wife; idolizes her

-Destroyed when figuring out about Myrtle's affair

-Broken and crazy when Myrtle is murdered

Character Summary::

Although not very involved with Myrtle, he tries to get her to love him. He is not wealthy like Tom, he has to work for his money, one reason why Myrtle falls for Tom. George loves and adores his wife, and is taken apart when learning of the affair, so he decides to take Myrtle away to go West. Yet her death stop those plans, leaving him broken, almost dead and crazy for revenge. After learning of the killer, which he was told was Gatsby, he goes over to his house with his gun and finds him in the pool and shoots him, killing him instantly, but George doesn't get away just like that, he shoots himself before ever leaving Gatsby's yard.


"I've got my wife locked in up there," explained Wilson calmly. "She's going to stay there till the day after to-morrow, and then we're going to move away" (136).

-In this George Wilson tells to his neighbor about how he has Myrtle locked up in the house, after figuring out about her affair and which Wilson has decided to take Myrtle and go west. In some ways, this behavior could be taken on how he expresses his love for Myrtle, but he seems to be in a more dream like state, wanting everything to be perfect, just like Gatsby is with Daisy.