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December 2018

Wrapping Up Semester One of the 18-19 School Year!

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What Is Teacher Induction?

Induction is the process by which a teacher earns eligibility for recommendation to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) for issue of a Clear Teaching Credential. A teacher must earn a Clear credential within five years of activating her/his Preliminary credential. The SUHSD currently provides access to a 24-month, CTC-approved Induction program at no cost to approximately 150 eligible teachers.

Teachers Enroll in SUHSD Induction Throughout the Year

Unlike other programs, new teachers are matched with a Mentor and begin completing Induction assignments as soon as they are hired under contract, regardless of when this happens. This means Induction Candidates earn eligibility for recommendation to CTC on a quarterly basis.

Teacher Induction is Aligned with Sweetwater's Essential Elements of Effective First Instruction

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SUHSD Teacher Induction's Working Definition of Effective First Instruction:

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Who are SUHSD Teacher Induction Candidates?

SUHSD Teacher Induction currently supports over 150 new teachers.

Both General Education and Education Specialist Candidates are supported by a team of 50 Induction Mentors.
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What do SUHSD Teacher Induction Mentors Do?

SUHSD Teacher Induction Mentors Account for their time on a monthly basis

Mentors spend significant time with Candidates engaged in developing Individual Learning Plans (ILPs), planning lessons/units/assessments, doing classroom observations and facilitating general reflection.

The Commission on Teacher Credentialing requires Induction Mentors to spend at least one hour each week engaged in 1:1 mentoring with Induction Candidates.

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SUHSD Teacher Induction Mentors and Program Manager Spend Time in Classrooms Observing

Over 200 teachers received classroom observations with related feedback during Fall, 2018

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All content areas are represented among Fall 2018 classroom observations

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Classroom observations focus on California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTPs) of interest to individual teachers

The CSTP element most considered during observations is 5.2 (Collecting and analyzing assessment data from a variety of sources to inform instruction) within CSTP 5 (Assessing Students for Learning)
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Q2 Candidate Survey Reflects Teacher Confidence in Induction

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SUHSD Teacher Induction Mentors: The Right People at the Right Time in the Right Places!

Q2 Survey provides Candidates an opportunity to describe the value of Mentor support

When asked, "What have you appreciated about collaboration with your Mentor?" Candidates responded:

I have appreciated the level of commitment and availability that my mentor has shown. She is also there for me when I need her and has helped me work through a very difficult semester both in terms of a switch in content and some devastating personal events.
Deep interest in helping me achieve my goals. Shows me resources. Customized resources for my needs.

We are at the same site and teach the same subject. I also really appreciate how when we plan lessons she listens to my ideas and even implements them when appropriate. I feel very welcome asking her any question, even if it is one that seems like there'd be an easy answer for. She is understanding of deadlines and when work gets turned in.

My mentor has made herself available to help me whenever I need her.

We use our time together effectively, working on the assignments for Induction. She answers all my questions and gives me suggestions that I often use in my classes.

He is very detail oriented. He also has conversations with me about things outside of induction to make sure that I am successful in other aspects of teaching and life as a new teacher.

He is extremely helpful and if I get stuck he helps guide me in the right direction

She is a great listener, and she has a great wealth of experience to share. She is incredibly supportive and responsive. I feel like she does a lot to put me at ease while helping with my questions.

I really appreciate that my mentor has been very flexible and worked around my schedule to meet up. I also appreciate that she has always explained each assignment to the best of her ability, making it clear on what it is that I am supposed to be doing.

She is helpful, pleasant and patient. She asks relevant questions to get me to think about student learning. She has guided me in my growth by reviewing prior forms and lesson plans and helping me to revise them.

Her kindness.

She makes me feel comfortable to ask any questions about induction/lesson plans. She helps with meeting my goal by providing supplemental materials without me asking. She is supportive and provides attainable constructive criticism/feedback.
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SUHSD Teacher Induction: Retaining and Growing Quality Educators for Our District's Students

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The SUHSD Retains Its New Teachers

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What funding source(s) make the SUHSD Teacher Induction program possible?

During the 2015-16, 16-17 and 17-18 school years, SUHSD used money from California's three-year "Effective Educator Entitlement" (EEE) initiative to develop and implement our current Teacher Induction program. During the second semester of the 17-18 school year, the source of future funding for Teacher Induction was shifted to the SUHSD LCAP. Events this semester resulted in another change in funding for our program. Given its objectives, our program is now largely supported by SUHSD's Federal Title II allocation. Title II is restricted funding that can be used for a limited set of activities/programs; see below for more information on the legislative mandates related to this money.

Federal Title II funding is largely responsible for supporting SUHSD Teacher Induction

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Induction Program Calendar for 2018-19

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Induction Program Professional Development Engages Mentors and Candidates

Teacher Induction Semester One Round Table

Semester Round Tables on 12/10 and 12/11/18 provide opportunities for Induction Candidates to evidence growth over time in terms of CSTPs aligned to Individual Learning Plan (ILP) goals

Round Table Protocol

The Protocol offers Candidates a structured opportunity to present ideas, receive feedback through questions and respond to summarize learning.
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Round Table Rubric

The Rubric serves as a tool to help Candidates and Mentors focus feedback on key elements of the presentation to facilitate learning.
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Guide Teacher Canvas Course

Pilot Guide Teacher Canvas Course Supports SUHSD Guide Teachers and Helps Evidence Collaboration between Guide and Student Teachers

Beginning in October at the start of Q2, active SUHSD Guide Teachers could self-enroll in this course, which provides them an opportunity to collaborate (via online discussions and shared artifacts) and help others better understand their work supporting Students Teachers. Participation is voluntary and compensated through Federal Title II funding.
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Upcoming Program Deadlines for Mentors and Candidates


due January 18, 2019

  • Dec Contact Logs
  • Dec Admin Notes


All quarterly Canvas assignments for Q3 will be due no later than March 15, 2019. Please observe weekly deadlines for specific assignments in order to take full advantage of mentor feedback!

UCSD Extension Q3 Teacher Induction course enrollment ends 2/1/19 and the enrollment flyer is posted here and on the SUHSD Teacher Induction web page. All quarterly inquiry assignments must be successfully completed by 3/22/19 for award of credit for that course.

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