Study Tips and Tricks

Samantha Hadley

Memory Matters

With Exams coming up fast, everyone is doing what they can to learn the information and be able to improve their test taking skills. What you should really be improving though is your memory.

Attention is Key

The first step is to make sure that you are fully paying attention to the material you are studying. If your mind starts to wander then you are no longer giving your attention to what you are studying, which makes it harder for your brain to move the information from short term memory into long term memory.

Cramming is the enemy

Establishing regular study session because your brain needs the constant refreshers to make sure that you fully understand the material. It also is shown that students who study more regularly are more likely to retain the information.

Chunk it!

It has been shown that chunking information into easy to learn pieces makes it better to study overall. By remembering the small bits of information you slowly grasp the entire concept.