Dragon Points

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Warm-ups or Bell Ringers can be the most important piece to a successful class as it sets the tone and allows teachers the opportunity to take care of procedural items such as attendance. In my walks I have been seeing the great bell to bell (teaching) engagement, and I have been impressed with what I have seen when classes begin. Kudos!!!


Just to add some numbers to show the importance of taking attendance. On August 25th during first period we recorded eighty-nine percent of teachers taking attendance. When we reached eighth period within the same day, only seventy-two percent of teachers were taking attendance.

Go for the Goodie Bucket! It wants a new home!


It is once again time to talk about student confidentiality. Texas Educator's Code states, "The educator shall not reveal confidential information concerning students unless disclosure serves lawful professional purposes or is required by law." That's a lot of technical words that can be expressed in do not talk about students in front of other students, and do not talk about students with parents or other teachers who do not have an educational investment in a student.

Odds and Ends

  • Just a reminder from last school year, do not release your class early (before the bell). It disrupts other classes and we are a bell to bell campus. When one of us is not consistent then it shows kinks in the armor that is team work.
  • Staff Bragin' (Kudos) Board: In the lounge is our recognition board for faculty and staff members to recognize other faculty and staff members. There should be a box with small Energy Buses so that you can write and post something positive for another staff member. This is then used to determine our Teacher of the Month as well as the Staff Member of the Month.
  • When speaking with students about on-line forms, please discuss that there are many forms that need to be completed on-line - Not just the AUP form. Every student's online forms must be updated each year. Remember we no longer hand out the old school packets that parents completed at the beginning each year.
  • When reviewing your teacher handbook, who receives the completed child abuse and/or neglect forms? Email Mrs. Bevill the correct response by 4:00 to enter a drawing for a jeans pass.


The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.