Raleigh Hills Newsletter

October 16, 2020

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Weekly Message

Dear Raleigh Hills Community,

I was reading an article this week that talked about sled dogs in the Iditarod. They love to run and they will run until they are completely exhausted. The handlers have to make the dogs rest because the dogs don't know how long the race is. They could become depleted well before the end of the race if the handlers don't force them to rest and take care of themselves. This makes me think of the race we are in with the pandemic right now. None of us know how long we will be in this. We don't know where the end is or what it will be like when we get there. However, I hope that we can all remind ourselves to take the rest we need so that we can keep going for the long haul.

Thank you for being there for your students. Thanks for listening to their frustrations and encouraging them to keep going. Be sure to help them rest and find joy along the journey so we can make it to the end of the pandemic together. We appreciate your partnership!

We got this,


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Digital Citizenship Week - October 19-23

We are using our electronic devices and the internet more than ever. For work, for school and to stay connected with family and friends. This makes being safe online and balanced with our choices more important than ever. For ideas on how to do this check out the videos and activities on Raleigh Hills Technology’s Digital Citizenship page. https://sites.google.com/beaverton.k12.or.us/rhstech/digital-citizenship

Have fun and be safe! - Mrs. Williams

TAG Information

Every year students are considered for Talented and Gifted services in the Beaverton School District. These services are provided by your child's classroom teacher(s). Oregon law and District policy define gifted students as those who score at or above the 97th percentile on a standardized, nationally normed test of mental ability and/or academic achievement in reading and/or math. Behavioral, learning, and/or performance information is also considered before a student is identified for TAG services.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and our current reality of Comprehensive Distance Learning, our evaluation process will look different this year. We will administer in-person TAG testing after January 11, 2021. Until then, teachers will collect evidence on how your student responds to differentiation within their distance learning classroom. This evaluation may include: file reviews, teacher and student observations, a collection of work samples, and/or individual or group assessments. This process may take some time, but every effort will be made to complete the evaluation in a timely manner. Parents will be notified of their school’s in-person testing dates in January.

If you think your child might qualify for TAG services, you may wish to complete the Parent Information Form that is available in our school’s office. Completing this form gives our school TAG Committee more information about your child, but it is not required. All qualified students will be considered regardless of the form’s completion. Please complete and return the Parent Information Form to your child’s teacher.

Absence Calls Correction

There was a glitch in our system where parents/guardians and students were receiving the notifications for absences. Students were getting an alert by email. This has been corrected and now the calls will only come to the parents/guardians.

Options School Information Repeat

It's the time of year when Options Schools applications open up. Please see the timeline below. In order to apply, please visit the BSD Learning Options Webpage or call the office for a paper application. You can also find information about Open Houses at the district's Options Schools. Please remember that Raleigh Hills will only be accepting applications for 7th and 8th graders for next year.

Learning Options Webpage

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Second Chance for Student Directory

We will be publishing the student directory soon so please get your submissions in this week! Take this opportunity to get your students in the directory.

Click here for the Form

Amazon Wish List for Books

Ms. Moore has compiled a list of really great books that we'd love to have in our school collection. If you are able, please consider buying books off her list and having them shipped to the school care of Erica Moore. THANK YOU to those who have already donated books! We are so appreciative!

Amazon Book Wish List

Internet Options for Families

Please take a look at this webpage if you need affordable internet access for your home.

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Community Resources Page

Click here for food, internet, transportation and utilities resources


Haga clic aquí para obtener alimentos, internet, transporte y recursos públicos.

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