Caring for your Skin is important

By Marcus Knudsen

How to help care for skin.

  • One important thing is sun screen
  • Go to a dermatologist who studies skin
  • Treat oily skin.
  • Treat dry skin.
  • Treat combination skin

Why is taking care of your skin important

  1. You can get chapped skin that causes pain.
  2. You may feel very wet or oily.
  3. You can get burns that will sting and not go way until treated.
  4. You can get acne.
  5. You can feel very oily, but have chapped skin at the same time.

How to treat bad skin.

  1. For dry skin moisture where the dry skin is located.
  2. For oily skin wipe your skin were it is located.
  3. Sunburn can be prevented by sun screen or to treat it use Aloe cream.
  4. For acne go see dermatologist and they will prescribe a medicine.
  5. For combination skin wipe the wet skin and moisture the dry skin. Don't moisture around the eye.