Grant Overview

Granville County Public Schools


Granville County Schools is appreciative of all of its many partners that help support our students and schools. The following toolkit will help parents, partners, community members and others who wish to apply for a grant that will help a school with the grant-writing process.

Granville County Public Schools can also help with letters of support. For more information on grants, please email the Director of Grants or call 919-693-4613 ext.101261.

Do you represent an outside organization?

If you represent an outside organization and want to partner with Granville County Public Schools on a grant application:

  1. Contact the Director of Grants, Pauletta Thompson, at 919-693-4613 or email

  2. The Director of Grants will work with the grant leads to coordinate a grant application team, develop a concept paper, and facilitate the application process.

  3. The Director of Grants will work with the relevant school and department leads as well as our Board attorney to obtain all needed data, approvals, coversheets, sign-offs, and signatures.

Step 1: Contact

Contact the Director of Grants at least three weeks in advance. Last-minute requests may not be accommodated. It can be a complex and time-consuming process to identify strategic links, track developing proposals, and coordinate review by all involved parties.

Step 2: Concept Paper

Email a prepared 1-2 page concept paper including:

  • a description of the proposed project
  • proposed responsibilities of school or partner and Granville County Public Schools
  • financial and/or legal obligations
  • who will be the lead fiscal agent
  • point of contact and contact info

Step 3: Collaborate

The Director of Grants will work with relevant Granville County Public Schools departments as necessary to obtain all needed approvals, cover sheets, sign-offs, and signatures.

Pauletta Thompson

Director of Federal Programs, Grants, Equity, Choice Programs & ESL